Amor de Lacquer: Broadway Fashion Diva Chrome nails

Welcome to another post of Amor de Lacquer…the series all about nail polish and nail care. Send me your requests, suggestions and ideas to Raise your hand if you’ve been wanting to rock Minx nails for like….ever now? I mean, honestly…I’ve never been on the “do what the celebs do” when it comes to beauty and fashion trends, but I’ve been all over Minx nails. Solange rocked the fiercest set in my book.

I’ve been wanting to try Minx myself but I swear y’all…my cheapness will be the death of me. Minx nails can be pretty costly ranging anywhere from $35-$75. And they don’t even last THAT long. But as with anything that’s crazy in price, it doesn’t take long for a budget-friendly alternative to hit the scenes.


Okay, whose idea was this? I mean, it’s genius. For $5.99 we can get the Minx nail look without the Minx nail price. Oh. yes. But does it work? Let me preface this by saying, I do not regularly wear glue-on nails. And not because I don’t like them but because my nail beds are beyond long. It’s very rare when a set can fit ALL 10 of my nails. I was hoping this set would be different. The directions were easy enough but I had the toughest time. I got glue everywhere! On my fingertips and even on the nail. What a fail, B. I know, I know. But eventually I got them on.

POW is right. That’s a whole bunch of bling. Are you LOLing at my middle finger nail and it’s gangsta lean? Yeah…I messed up on that one.

Still, I’m impressed! I loved how the nails looked. I was unable to comfortably wear all 10 nails though because a good 4 were shorter than my nail bed. But had they fit, I would have rocked them for days. I ended up soaking them in acetone a day later. It was a bit of struggle to get them to pop off; which I guess is a good thing if you’re looking for long-wear use. You’ll love these if you have average size nail beds and are desirous of some extra funk in your nail care routine.

Think you’ll snag ’em?

Your fellow nail polish junkie,

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  • OMG! I have been looking for the same look. I will be looking for them at the nearest CVS or Walgreens in Dallas. Great post and review. Keep up the good work.

    Oh, I am finally posting to my new blog. This one is going to stick. I think.

    Ashley Coco

    • Thanks darling! Let me know when you get the post up. I’d love to check it out!

  • Danyelle

    Ok, so I actually paid for a full set of MINX, like $45 and they began to peel off/curl at the edges around day three, so I only got a week’s wear out of them. IMO the only difference between the “le press ons” and the real thing are the price & free nail. And hey, you’re actually getting your moneys worth too, lol!

    • Day 3? Nooooo!!! Looks like the Broadway’s are the way to go then.

  • Natasha

    I have used different styles of Broadway Nails in the past and I have always enjoyed them. This is a spectacular move on their part. But you are right about the glue, Brittany. You have to use just the right amount of glue or else it will flow over the top of the nail, then you’ll touch it & make a glue fingerprint on that beautiful reflective surface.

    Smudging predesigned nails makes a person want to SCREAM…so take care in application :)

    • Melissa

      Hey guys – I wanted to share my tip with you!! I found if you put a thin layer of glue covering your natural nail and then a circular dot on the fake nail that it stays on best. I love that Broadway comes with a manicure stick in it so you can wipe away any excess glue before it dries!

      • Brittany

        Thanks so much for the tip! I’m going to try that the next time that I use it!

  • I saw these in the store and I thought… yes! the LAWD loves me. I wonder how tragic it would look if I painted the rest of my nails a bright color and only ‘minxed’ one or 2 via Broadway’s ‘le press on’ process? I wonder if it would be that obvious that one is a nail vs. painted/minxed?

    • Brittany

      Hmm, now that’s a good question. Only one way to find out. :)

  • Melissa

    These nails are so sick – need to pick them up for th weekend! I tried the Minx and they stayed on for a day and after that looked so ratty. Glad someone thought of something similiar that will stay on longer and won’t break my bank.

  • Is the nail glue safe for natural nails? Will it ruin your nails during the take off process?

    • Brittany

      Oh no. I was very careful about that. My nails didn’t suffer at all.