Amor de Lacquer: Tracy Reese for Sally Hansen, Fall 2010

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Tracy Reese does it again. I have always been a huge fan of Lady Reese’s pieces. (I made a rhyme, hehe :)). Seriously, lovelies…does this not scream B?

This could be mine for only $408.00. Uh...Santa?

It also screams “Out of my price range and no size 12″. Le sigh is right. Looks like I’ll have to settle for the Fall 2010 Tracy Reese for Sally Hansen.

Which, by the look of those colors ain’t a bad thing.

Evening Fog

I absolutely love these stone-y kind of colors. Especially for the Fall. Evening Fog is opaque with only two coats. I like it alone but LOVE it with Sally Hanen’s Hidden Treasure on top.

Wet Clay

Whoa now. Wet Clay is like that weird cousin of yours. They’re strange and unpredictable but you can’t help but like them anyway. I dig this color but I think it looks kinda funky up against my skin tone


Fedora reminds me of a softer and less brown version of China Glaze’s Ingrid. It’s got that subtle golden sparkle that gives it a certain pop.


This kid is definitely my favorite of the bunch. Don’t let it fool you though. It looks dark chocolate and almost black under natural sunlight but with a bit of flash…

Just delicious, uh?

There are more from this collection–be sure to hunt them down at your favorite drugstore. And is it just me, or do y’all love the Complete Salon Manicure brushes? With long nail beds like mine, I love how one one swoop covers just about ALL of my nail. Total win!

Your fellow nail polish junkie,

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  • Toya

    You paint your nails so perfectly! Is there a technique you use or you just fab 😉

    • Brittany

      Girl, practice makes perfect. I suppose polishing my nails almost every day gives me good practice. Plus, I just LOVE the these wider brushes. They make polishing so much easier for me.

  • I love those brushes! And I can dig the collection. I like the complete manicure polishes. Brittany, do you use a base and top coat with it? I find that if I don’t the polish doesn’t have much staying power.

    • Brittany

      A lot of times I don’t use base or top coats (unless I know a color is prone to staining) because I’m only wearing it for a day at a time. But if I know I’m going to rock it for more than a day or so, then yes ma’am, I pull out the base and top coats. Zoya’s are my favorite.

  • I liked the lighter colors. Actually I liked all of them. Fedora is the sh*t.

  • B,

    I love these colors! I’m usually a flaming deep red or crimson kinda girl when I paint my nails. In fact I must have about 7 different shades of red, but I could be convinced to try a new palette.

    You change your polish everyday? Doesn’t the nail polish remover work a number on your nails? Inquiring minds want to know.

    BTW, love the blog.

    • Brittany

      Hey lady!! We’ll have to have a nail polish day. I used to change my polish every day. Now it’s about every other day. And Zoya’s Remove + is a fantastic remover. I can use it daily and it would not damage my nails. Yesss!!

  • Ashley

    I have Fedora and absolutely adore it! I also got the Sequin Scandal shade which is nice also. I wish I could get the whole collection :) But costs too much to do that :) Last time I was at my Rite Aid recently, they still had some left from this collection. I have to go back later now and get that Wet Cement one! I looks gorgeous!

  • Ashley

    Hmm or Evening Fog- now I can’t decide! Of course it depends on what if anything’s left anyway :) But they’re both calling to me as of now!

  • Need these! Stat!! I’m on the hunt….