I’m recovering from Blogalicious 2010

Ohmigoodness, y’all…I’ve had one of the BEST weekends ever. I took the Black Star (my car’s pimp name yo) down South to Miami for the Blogalicious Conference. I spoke at the conference last year and left feeling so inspired. Times that by 50 and you’ll understand how I felt this year.

Imagine being around women all over who understand your passion. They understand social media. They get why you blog. They come from Atlanta, San Francisco, North Carolina and San Antonio. They are young 20-somethin’ year olds and retired grandmothers. We went to sessions and workshops that were destined to help us reach our fullest potentials. We yoga’d and partied acted…ourselves. Twas dreamy. So while I don’t have a Mascara Monday for y’all today, stay tuned for random posts about the Blogalicious Conference. And let’s hope I can catch up on some sleep. I feel like a total zombie. Oh and check out my hair blog’s feature in Essence magazine. Clumps’ baby sister is growing up!

Love to love ya,

  • Hey Britt-

    Sounds like you had a fabulous time. I would have been there somewhere between the 20 somethin’year olds and retired grandmothers if it were closer to NY. Or maybe next year :-)


    • Brittany

      Everything is alwaaaays in NY. I kinda love when conferences are in other cities. Especially the ones in Florida. Yaaay!!

  • Stacy

    Sounds like you had a great time. I see my girl Afrobella was there. I’ve been following her blog for minute. I really like her style. Glad you enjoyed yourself B. BTW…how’s the hair?

    • Brittany

      Afrobella is the best! And the hair, uh, um…check the hair blog. :)

  • Kym

    Glad you enjoyed yourself. Thanks for all you do!!

    • Brittany

      Awww, thanks!!