Physician Formula’s Gel CreamLiners

Girl, lemme tell you…since I’ve been on this “Green Kick” as some of my friends like to call it, I’ve been all about green-ing up my cosmetics. Now, I’m not going to lie to you and tell you that all of my products are natural, organic and comes from the earth. But I am slowly making changes and being more aware of the products that I do use.

I’m finding that swapping every day products with greener ones is the best way to green-ify. I’ve done it with pencil liners and I am so glad that I can officially retire my MAC Fluidlines.

Physician Formula’s liners are epic.

I’m not even exaggerating, y’all. To be $10.95, these gel paraben-free, water-resistant and smudge proof liners are the business! And the fact that they actually last…well, that totally justifies my purchase of these 3-in-1 kiddos. There are 4 different sets for brown, hazel, blue and green eyes. And so because my eyes are the color of tootsie rolls, that’s the one I copped.

10 points for being super portable and travel ready. I can grab it for touch-ups and throw it in my cosmetic case when I’m hittin’ the road for the weekend. The brown eyes set comes with a black, brown and purple; which according to Physician Formula are the ideal colors for brown eyes.

While I’m diggin’ the selection, I would have loved to see a blue. But maybe I’m bias because I absolutely love blue on my lids. And as far as wear time, superb, I say. Superb!

The black is almost as dark as MAC’s Blacktrack fluidline, which has been my gel liner of choice for years now. And while I had been avoiding it for weeks, I finally pulled tried the brown gel liner on the lower lash line and it’s not half bad.

It’s great for defining the eyes without being TOO noticeable. You can grab the CreamLiners at any CVS. Definitely not a bad steal.

Have y’all tried these yet? What’s your gel liner of choice?

Peace and hair crease oil,

  • Stacy

    Very nice. I still struggle alot with applying gel/cream liners, but I think they look amazing on. And of course I love the fact that they are affordable and green. I might have to pick one up to play around with.

    • Brittany

      Girlfriend, practice makes perfect. I still struggle with all eye liner application; pencil, gel and especially liquid.

  • i love wetnwild’s gel liner: great product for a great price. i want to try these though. i love brown liquid liner and want a gel formula in the same color. the purple would be gorgeous as well.

    • Brittany

      I’ve heard that WnW have great gel liners too. You definitely can’t beat their prices. Will so be checking those out. Thanks! :)

  • Inthese pics are you wearing the brown on the top and the black on the bottom?

    I think these are going to be the next ones that I buy, i liked Loreal hip, but it was ONE for around 10 bucks. this is 3 for 10! DEAL!

    • Brittany

      Total deal!

  • MsFarrah27


    after seeing this review this morning, when i finally got a break here at work i rushed to my nearest CVS and bought this same exact combo!!! now if i can only perfect applying it:)

    Thanks Britt:)

    • Brittany

      Alriiiiight! Please let me know what you think!

      • MsFarrah27

        OK, so i tried theses liners this morning and OH MY!!!! i love them!!! they are so much better than liquid to me, im a fan forever!
        the application was so smooth and it didnt take much effort on my part to make a precise line. Thanks for the review Britt:)

  • Danyelle

    Yes, I LOVE these! I used them on a friend as base & liner. Thanks so much for showing them to me..

  • Ambreen

    I saw this in the store the other day for the first time & was like looks cool! The price is comparable to Maybelline Studio (wanted to try as well). And 3 for that price woweee!! I’d rather try a green product so I’ll be picking this up. I haven’t tried any gel liners b4, getting the hang of liquid a bit better now. You like blue on the eyes, I’m obsessed with turquiose, green & purple. Could you do a video on this?

  • I’m convinced!!! Thanks for the post. I have a few other Physicians Formula products that I like.

  • Lisa G

    I bought these awhile back in the trio for blue eyes. What I like is that my Maybelline one and all the ones I’ve bought from Coastal Scents dry up Really fast, but these are still so smooth and creamy. And while I usually struggle with eyeliner these seem to apply so effortlessly. And, yes, I can testify to their staying power. I was wearing the blue one day and completed a long sweaty workout and that liner still looked like I just applied it. Wonderful product!
    What I don’t like is that the black one in this trio contains blue micro glittery pieces and I wish that it was just a true flat black.

  • Traci B

    I’ve been using the lash liners from the BE line for a while now and absolutely love the results. I will never use a pencil liner again!

  • Ugh!!! I’m so mad I couldn’t find these when I specifically went out looking for them last week!!! Maybe it was bc I went to Walgreens as opposed to CVS :( I’m definitely going to make another make-up run for these products. I’ve heard these gel liners are the bee’s knee’s!!!

    • Brittany

      I think they are only in CVS. Keep lookin’!

  • Alriiiiight! Please let me know what you think!