What are you reading?

If you didn’t really know me you’d think I am all about beauty and blogging. While I spend hours a week dabbling into both, I kinda sorta (I think) have a life outside of Clumps of Mascara. I’m in organizations, I’m a mentor, I go to church, I travel, I do yoga and oh…I READ!!

I’ve been obsessed with books for as long as I can remember. Forget having a “Beauty Room”. My dream house would have a library with shelves of books. As much of a techie as I am, I simply can’t get down with e-books. There’s nothing like curling up with a good book in bed; flipping the pages in anticipation. Tossing the book out of shock and surprise. And I can never read one at a time. Nor can I read only fiction or only non-fiction. I like to switch it up. For every hardcore novel I read, I follow up with something fun and light.

What are you reading? And can you get down with e-books or would you rather have the real deal?

  • im in grad school so right now, im just pretending to read my textbooks. the last book i read was phyllis bourne’s operation prince charming! i loved it. i prefer actual books to kindles and things. i like the smell of books (im so weird).

  • I thought I was the ONLY one that tossed books to the side when the characters/plot got to be too intense for me. LOL. And when I find myself smiling at a book… I know I’m reading the right thing. I also agree w/ you on the ebook thing. The only e-books I have are my textbooks. I just got an iPad but I don’t see me downloading books for pleasure on it.
    Anywho.. as far as what I’m reading; I’m not. I’m actually trying to write a book so I’m focusing my energy on that. I keep telling myself that the sooner I complete my book the sooner I can get back to reading. I can’t wait…

    • Brittany

      I just got an iPad too and honestly…I haven’t found much use for it. But that’s another review for another day. 😉 Many blessings on writing a book!! Let us know when it’s ready!

  • I, too, am doing the grad school thing. While NOTHING can top a real book, because I (like you) like to read multiple books and articles at a time I LOVE MY NOOK! There’s no way I could carry around all the books (not to mention the 100 pounds of articles, which I also load onto my Nook) needed for all my grad work and leisure reading (wait, what’s that?)I also can’t help but hear a million trees screaming every time I walk into a book store. I love ’em, but it’s also kinda painful, so I appreciate the environmental friendly-ness of e-books/readers.

    The last fiction I read and loved was _The Beautiful Things that Heaven Bears_ by Dinaw Mengestu. Also to take it WAY back, _The Marrow of Tradition_ by Charles Chesnutt is historical and entertaining. Non-fiction, waaay too much right now but I’m really excited to dive into _Decolonizing Methodologies_ by Linda Tuhiwai Smith. Wow! That was a lot! See what happens when you get me talking about books *smile*

    • Daria

      You’re right about the eco-friendliness of the e-readers. I hardly ever consider that since I’ve stopped buying new books. You just gave me a new appreciation for my Nook. :)

      • Brittany

        Yeah, I haven’t thought of that either. Books aren’t eco-friendly at all but but…ahhhh, I LOVE them.

  • Daria

    I have so many books in my house, my son asked if I used to forget to take them back to the library. It’s kind of ridiculous – which is why I think my husband bought me a Nook for Mother’s Day. It’s a’ight but I still find myself buying .99 cent books from Amazon Marketplace, yard sales, and checking books out. lol. (kinda wish he just gave me the money he spent, haha)
    I am obsessed with memoirs these days. Right now, I’m reading Born to Run: A Hidden Tribe, Superathletes, and the Greatest Race the World has Never Seen by Christopher McDougall. Kinda cliche’ since I am a runner but a fun read nonetheless.

    • Yes yes yes! I am a total used book junkie too. I think I’m just a sucker for a bargain! If you’re a student, you can get free membership to Amazon Prime which offers free 2-day shipping. Dangerous! *laugh*

  • Lora

    OMG B, I’m going to read The Help this weekend! My Am Lit Honors class is doing a cultural theme for our next in-class essay (ew) and I picked it up! I haven’t started it yet because the size is rather daunting (thankfully, the text is pretty big…) but I’m psyched now that you’re reading it lol :)And geezzzz, I’m reading hours of APUSH everyday! I can’t wait to STOP reading lol!

    • Brittany

      Ohmigoodness, such a baby you are. Am Lit Honors…awwww! LOL @ the text being big. I’ve only read the first few chapters but let’s holla back when we both get to the middle and have a discussion on it. Yay!

  • Nora

    I can’t get into e-books either! It takes away so much of the experience, and I think that in this day and age where people are on computers all day long, getting off the electronics for an hour or two to do something like read is necessary. The last thing we need is to read books with an electronic, I can’t get my mind around it.

    That said, I looooove non-fiction. I am a huge history geek and some of my favorite topics are The Romanovs (or any Russian history), World War II and any sort of ‘contemporary American’ history. I’m way too picky with fiction and it’s hard to fault fact, so. xD I am reading the Harry Potter series again, though, in anticipation for the new movie, as well as some classics, like Cather and Fitzgerald.

    Sorry for the essay, B! I love reading too much sometimes, haha.

    • Brittany

      I agree. As much of a techie as I am, I simply NEED to hold and smell (weird, I know…lol) a real book. Yay for fellow bookworms!

      • I feel ya B. Certain books, particularly those I know I’m gonna want to make notes about, I need to have the real deal.

  • So interesting that you posted this! I literally yesterday talked with my boyfriend about investing in an e-reader~ I read about 3 books at the same time and we both travel a lot (independently) so it seems like it would come in handy. But for all of the convenience, nothing replaces a good “old-fashioned” book!
    Right now I’m reading “The Happiness Project” by Gretchen Rubin, “The Help,” and “Back When We Were Grownups” by Anne Tyler. The happiness project is AMAZING– highly recommended for your next non-fiction!

    BTW I love the new color scheme of your blog!! The pink type is so fun!!

    • Brittany

      You rock, sis!

    • Yes, the travel is a BIG thing especially with them charging for luggage these days *side eye* Being able to carry literally an entire library in a space the size of one book is invaluable. Especially when doing research.

  • LaToya

    E-books! I love them. Especially since I read mostly non-fiction books these days anyway. It’s been years since I’ve read fiction…

  • Currently, I’m reading Wildflowers: A Novel by Lyah Beth LeFlore. It’s ok. I borrowed it from the library because I can’t afford buying books nor ebooks. I think everybody should re-discover the library.

  • I have a Nook and I love it for traveling. I also love it because you can download any Google books for free. I also still like ‘real’ books when I know I’ll be reading them at home; I just hate lugging multiple books while traveling.

    Right now I’m reading two books. Shantaram is my fun read. It’s an adventure that completely sucks you in. The prose is just ok at best, but the story is mesmerizing. I’m also skimming “What’s Up Down There? Questins You’d Only Ask Your Gynecolegist if She Was Your Best Friend.” Very interesting!

    • Brittany

      I sooo want to read “What’s Up Down There?”! Heading to Amazon.com as we speak. 😉

  • textbooks… -_-

  • Cocoakeke

    I am currently reading my Bible, “Daddy’s Girls” by Tasmina Perry, and the 600-page InStlye Magazine Fall edition. Like you, I can never just read one novel at a time, but I made a conscious choice to read my Bible more, so now, it’s just one other book. The mag stays in the car and is my red light, waiting to pick up the kids, etc. read.

    I’m a BOOK LOVER!!! No Kindle or electronicwunderkindbook for me!