100th Mascara Giveaway Week: Korres Mascara duo giveaway!

Day 3 of our Mascara-A-Day giveaway and we’ve received a TON of entries. And remember, if you’ve already entered the previous 2 giveaways, you can totally press your luck and enter the remaining ones. Be sure to check the running dates. Some giveaways are for just a few hours and only the entries that have been received BEFORE that time will be valid.

I’ve got another one for you. THREE lucky ladies will win a mascara duo for Korres. The duo includes their Black Provitamin B5 & Rice Bran and their Abyssinia Oil mascara.

Here’s how you can win!

Tell me an accomplishment of yours. Did you just graduate? Pay off some bills? Help an old lady across the street? Yep, it’s totally your turn to show off and tell me how awesome you are. Leave a comment and EMAIL ADDRESS in this post only.

Zee Rules:
-Open to U.S. residents only
-Contest endsΒ  Friday, November 5, 2010 at 11:59 pm EST
-Have you won a giveaway within the past 6 months? Give someone else a chance, homie.
-Winner will be selected at random
-Family members/personal friends of B are not eligible
-In the event that a winner does not respond in 3 days, another person will be selected
-Click here for additional rules and regulations for giveaways hosted on Clumps of Mascara.

Find out more about Korres mascara duo here. If you have any questions, email me at Brittany@ClumpsOfMascara.com. Good luck!

  • dvine

    Found a full/time job. It’s temp but i’m holding on to it for dear life. I also just offered to pay for my brothers ticket to fly to SC next summer for the family reunion when i get my income tax. He never attends unless it’s in our State. I just paid off 6 credit cards (store owned), i have 2 left 2 go. they are the major ones. I’m getting there.


  • Bailey

    A recent accomplishment of mine is that I completed EVERYTHING on my to do list around the house. This was a first for me and surely, won’t last long because something always needs to be done. πŸ˜‰


  • My biggest accomplishment would be giving birth to my beautiful and extremely smart daughter. She is my inspiration and reminds every day that I need to push harder at whatever I do. I love my fam! :)

    • forgot to add my email addy: lovelyann(at)gmail(dot)com

  • Hannah

    I got 100& on my Chemistry Midterm, which was a big deal for me because I struggle with Chemistry. :)

    • Hannah

      Oops, 100%, haha. (:

  • Melissa

    I dyed my hair… It’s a whole new world!

  • Lisa Pierre

    I just recently graduated with a BA in Human Resources management while working full time after being out of school for 20 years. Even though I haven’t yet had an opportunity to use my degree yet, I’m hoping and praying in the future all that hard work will pay off.

  • Annelise

    I carved a spotted cat pumpkin! And I won “best pumpkin” out of the family. Very big accopmlishment, I know.


  • Jackie

    This week (so far) I’ve managed to achieve my goal of 8 glasses of water a day. That is pretty huge for me since it is double what I normally drink! Thanks!

  • jillsalp

    I just finished training for and running both a half marathon and a 10-mile race. In my training, I was inspired by the Team in Training group that runs and raises critically needed funds for leukemia and lymphoma research – so I’ve signed up to work with them and run another half in the spring.

  • Let’s see an accomplishment……. I went to the Zappo’s outlet with my friend this weekend and purchased NOTHING. Jesus be a fence!!!!! πŸ˜‰


  • An accomplishment of mine is finishing my undergraduate education. I’m proud that I stuck in there for it, even when obstacles came up. I feel proud I did it.

    • thattweetthing at gmail dot com

  • Farrah

    A recent accomplishment of mine was being a supportive wife as my husband was just called to the Ministry, and being a supportive friend to a friend in need despite the choices she is making.


  • the only thing i can think of is completing my counseling internship in June of this year.

    invrtdreflection [at] gmail.com

  • Liz

    I got some devastating news about my health,but have had a genuine smile on my face all morning cuz I know God’s got me. So my accomplishment is remembering how to trust God!

  • Last semester I graduated!!! I now have a B.S. in Community Health….no more school, sigh, is amazing!!!! :)

  • Liz

    My email is eamidjog@gmail.com, I didn’t put it cuz I thought you’d be able to see it in the private box where we subnit our response

  • Krystina

    I help a friend with his thesis, 69 pages, so he could get his Masters in Criminology.

    • Krystina


  • Krystina
  • Kelly S

    My accomplishment…I successfully changed career paths from a technical job to the area of education.

    email : lilamazon123@hotmail.com

  • Keisha B

    A recent accomplishment of mine is I got into Graduate school at the University of Medicine and Denistry of New Jersey last semester. I’m stoked and can’t wait to finish!


  • Lisa

    My recent accomplishment would be mastering the cat eye look. That doggone look has always been a pain for me to get and I FINALLY did it!!

    • Lisa


  • Gigi

    I inspired a friend to start a garden after seeing what I’ve been doing with my EarthBox vegetable garden!


  • I have been teaching some little girls in my neighborhood how to sing properly because I take voice lessons. I am so blessed to be able to share my gift with them.

  • I’m a 22 year old Penn Stater, and have been a dedicated distance runner since I was 15. Two years ago I completed my first half marathon (13.1 race). I felt this was my hardest running accomplishment until last week. I just completed my first 14.5 MILER! My friend is training for Philly marathon and I’m helping her and ran this with her at an 8 min. 30 sec. average! It was over 2 hours of mental dedication, and drive to help out a friend and get done! :o)

  • i just stopped my eating disorder once and 4all1!!!!! yay!

  • Rachel

    I finished my first 5K last weekend…the Susan G Komen Race for the Cure no less!


  • Catherine

    I am taking a class for the fist time since I finished my education.

  • Jennifer

    A recent accomplishment of mine is that I’ve stepped up my A-game when it comes to reading. Sounds silly but I’ve been reading more books, in addition to the daily newspaper and magazines.


  • Laulo

    One of my biggest accomplishments is being by my older sister’s side as she brought my precious little niece into the world :)

  • Ashley S

    I don’t know if its this is an accomplishment but I find my new job as a science teacher for at risk children (children how are orphans or are in rehab for an addiction)is very rewarding! Im am grateful that God bless me with this job, b/c I feel like I am making a difference in these childrens lives as they are making a difference in mine!

  • Perla

    I Finished My Entire Book Report Today And It Was Assinged Yestarday:)

  • Kathleen

    My biggest accomplishment, was saying goodbye this week. There was a lot of goodbyes. My father had left to see my dying grandmother on the other side of the world. Saying goodbye to my field hockey team, the girls on the team were family to me. Saying goodbyes to the seniors whom I would never play on the field with again, and being able to keep up with them athletically.
    Oh and another big accomplishment was acing my test! :)

    email: kathlbert@yahoo.com

  • Macy

    Recent accomplishment: Paying off a credit card. Whoo-hoo!

  • I accomplished being here right now. I have suffered from several illnesses for several years, and there have been times when we thought I might not make it. Low and behold, I’m here. I’m in school, studying photography in the beautiful city of Chicago. My health still remains an issue, but my education has been my driving force.

  • Jessica

    I got my first ever real job! I’m a cashier at my school’s bookstore, and I’m just a temp who works 8 hours a week (lol i know) but it’s still something! I was beginning to freak out because I didn’t really have anything I could put on my resume, but now I’m getting some work experience and some extra cash in my pocket, which is always a good thing. πŸ˜€

    disconsolate (dot) porpoise (at) gmail (dot) com

  • Ashley S.

    I just paid my bills off! I feel liberated and wonderful, PEACHY KEEN JELLY BEAN :)


  • Regina

    my accomplishment is staying married to the same man for 23 years and counting!

  • MaryB

    My husband and I just (10/31) celebrated our first wedding anniversary. That may not look like an accomplishment to some people, but it’s an incredible landmark for me.

  • Ramona

    I am raising two beautiful daughters! (they are really cool and sassy and smart!!)


    rzlewis at hotmail dot com

    (and Ashley S, I am totally adding jelly bean to my peachy keens now!)

  • Traci Lynne

    I successfully manuvered my car to avoid an accident last night. I was run off the road, but I wasn’t hurt and neither was my car. I can’t take all the credit for it because I truly believe it was God!

  • Alisha

    It’s almost my third year anniversary for my vegetarian-ness!


  • I have gotten a huge jump in jobs for website and blog design, these past few months have been busy crazy after a long time of thinking things wouldn’t pan out! That is a huge accomplishment for me!

  • oops, forgot my email naturallyalise@gmail.com

  • GirlyGirl

    Passed my Real Estate Training class at the end of the summer, and finally mustered up enough courage to schedule my state exam the other day!


  • Amour

    My biggest accomplish meant these past months is to get my bills down to current. I had been behind on several of them so it makes me feel really good and very blessed to be on top of them before they are even due…or passed due for that matter.

  • Toya S

    A recent accomplishment of mines is that I made a choice to finish that I start. I have a nasty habit of starting things and never finishing it (weight loss goals, school, etc….). I applied to a few different schools and still waiting to hear back….signed up for a FREE on-line weight loss program (Spark people) and cleaned out my ridiculous-ly stuffed closet. It just feels good to actually finish things…..*Side-note to score some extra brownie points* Your Loc Rocker blog is my FAV! LOL!(thats actually how I found this blog)

  • Letty

    I took control of my weight issue once and FOR ALL by shopping for veggies, fresh fruit and lean meats.
    I also set up a schedule for exercise.

  • S Carter

    I just finished cleaning out my storage space. That is a project that I dreaded and postponed more times than I can admit.

  • Johanna

    Just paid off my college student loans & I’m officially debt free!!!!

    sultansmom at gmail dot com

  • jane

    i finally joined a gym!
    i’ll be in shape in no time.

  • Elena

    I got into college!

  • Lily

    I helped the library when they needed more volunteers to help out sort the books :)

  • Alex

    i would say my biggest accomplishment is building a engine for my dads racecar that is able to go over 150 mph in 9 seconds. its pretty cool to be the only 17 year old GIRL in my school to say they can do that!!! =]


  • Alex

    oops i guess i should of put my full name theres a bunch of just alexs out there.


  • Mel

    My biggest accomplishment so far this year is finally graduating from college! I felt like a professional student!!! Tee hee.

  • I just finished a Master’s in Forensic Anthropology! You can call me the bone lady :)

  • SNAP

    The accomplishment I’m most proud of is getting baptized, August 1st 2009. I had been a Christian for a long time, but never got baptized because I am a very private persn, but mostly I have a fear of drowning. I get scared whenever water covers my face. I was terrified going under the water, but when I came up I was soo proud of myself! spantry@gmail.com

  • Elizabeth

    I went with what I wanted instead of listening to my friends. They want me to go to a high school I know isn’t good, and leave my dream of going to a REALLY good school but has a grueling audition process.
    So, I guess i beat peer pressure ?