Mascara News: Maybelline’s retro and Hello Kitty mascaras

Soooo, instead of doing  a mascara review EVERY Monday, I’ve been thinking talking about all of the happ’ns in the Mascara World. You know, deals, sales, upcoming mascaras, mascara ads, mascaras commercials from the 70’s and all other randomness about the one product that women spend millions of dollars on annually.  And yes, I capitalized Mascara World like it exists. I reside there. You laughin’ at me? :)

I took a stroll in Target a few days ago and saw some kids that I THOUGHT were being pulled from the shelves.

Maybelline Lash Discovery and Full ‘N Soft are old skool mascaras. And by old skool, I mean they have been out for quite some time. I haven’t tried Lash Discovery but adored Full ‘N Soft. Talk about a mascara that really leaves your lashes soft. I loved it. I haven’t seen that kid in quite some time. But sure enough, there they sit just as pretty as they want to be.  Could it be that Maybelline is bringing them back because they are in high demand? Or is this Target taking their sweet time removing them?

And then there’s more siblings of the Volum ‘Express family.

Now I THINK I’ve seen this before. Aren’t they from back in the day? I don’t really see their purpose as the Falsies and the Colossal mascaras are BOTH volumizing mascaras. The only difference between those two are the packaging and wands. So what can the Turbo and Classic do? Their wands are virtually identical.

And then there’s Volum ‘Express Hello Kitty mascara…


Sweet almond butter! What I would do to get my hands on this! This is an Asia-exclusive mascara. I’ve already reached out to my Asian beauty bloggers and my girls in Malaysia, Thailand, Hong Kong and beyond are having a tough time finding it. I wouldn’t even use this mascara if I got it. I would put it in a glass case. And just stare about it. Longingly. As a grown-up Hello Kitty fan and Maybelline mascara lover, this is the biggest tease EVER!

I guess my Hello Kitty ear muffs will have to do for now.

Got any idea what’s up with those throwback mascaras?

And would you not buy that Hello Kitty mascara if you could find it?

  • Jessica

    Hi B! You want that Hello Kitty mascara? I saw a bunch around my place, so lemme know ya?

    • Brittany


  • Bree
    • Brittany

      I knowww, I saw that. I love my HK but I don’t think she’s worth $30 for a mascara. Then again I have paid that for YSL so hmmm….

  • Markie

    Oh my god! I want that! the picture is ironic because cats dont have eyelashes! HA!

    • Brittany

      Hahaha, I know, right? Hello Kitty is the only exception.

  • Dang, that got me so excited. Would’ve made a great gift for a Hello Kitty lover in my life!

  • Haha ah when I saw the pic I thought you’d found it, noooo!!


  • OMG Hello Kitty Mascara? I know a zillion girls that would want this.
    What about Maybelline Great Lash Mascara. That has been around forever!

    • Brittany

      Great Lash= :(

  • That’s so cutee!! But for $30?! I think I’ll pass.

    do you know if it’s coming to the US?

    • Brittany

      Not sure! I certainly hope so.

  • LIsa

    Hi B,
    Those aren’t bad prices for mascara, considering what most cost. On a different note, I’m tempted to get the Lash Stash boxed set from Sephora. 10 mascaras for $40. Granted they’re trial sizes, but what a great way to try out some high end mascaras without the frightening price tag.

    • Brittany

      You’re so right. Shame on me for complaining. Yes, you should definitely grab that set. I always want to but the mascara reviewer that is me is a snob that needs full size mascaras. Womp.

  • Amour

    B, I would most definiitely like to own that HK mascara. I’m a collector and that would be the icing on the cake.

    • Brittany

      I knowwww, I need it now!

  • I think it’s weird that they used a white woman for mascara that’s an Asian exclusive. Couldn’t they find an Asian model? *eyeroll*

    I think Full n Soft will be on the market forever, it’s HG for too many women. I was surprised that you found Lash Discovery though, I thought that was already long gone.

    • Brittany

      I thought the SAME thing. We’re in the same boat with that thought, sister. Ugh. I can’t believe that I’ve never tried Lash Discovery.

  • Giselle

    Oh please don’t let them discontinue Full ‘N Soft! I prepared myself for that moment. I will stock up and store crates in my freezer if I have to!

    • Brittany

      No worries Giselle. My Maybelline contact told me that Full ‘N Soft will NOT be discontinued any time soon. :)

  • Ja’Kayla

    A $30 mascara? I sure hope this is the best mascara ever for it to cost that much;) Maybe in the near future I’ll THINK about buying it! B, you buy it first and review it for me, then I’ll see if it’s worthy enough for my money to be spent on it.

  • Kelly

    Oh please don’t stop mascara monday’s. I have all of my co-workers, reading list members as well as myself addicted to it. :)

  • Trish

    Hey that’s cool, I actually saw the Hello Kitty mascara earlier in the mall. I live in Hong Kong though so I don’t know if it’s in the US yet.

    I was thinking about buying it but I’m not sure if it works well, haha. I’ve been needing mascara for a while now but haven’t decided which one to buy.

  • Trish

    Ohh, and it’s not $30. :/
    The one I saw was only about $12 (USD).

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