Secret’s Fresh Effects Body Mist

Pretty, uh? Any body mist wearers in the house? I used to wear these things like mad in high school. But not in a way in which I was SUPPOSED to. Promise you won’t judge me when I tell you.

Picture it: 9th grade gym class. There was nothing glamorous about it. We were too cute to run, too lazy to kick and too disinterested to be competitive. But no matter how hard I tried NOT to get funky, I always smelled like a foot after gym class.

*insert body splashes*

Instead of jumping in the showers (which would have been the clean thing to do), we would spritz body splash all over. And bam–goodbye funk, hello funk dipped in floral.

I know better now. I’m loving these little body mists by Secret.

While they don’t last as long as perfumes, I find that they are great for a quick whiff of a lavender, orchid or fruity scent. And if you’re like me and find that your skin is super sensitive, instead of of spritzing it directly on your skin, try a bit on the your shirt, coat or jacket. I also like to spritz just a bit of the Ooh La La Lavender on my sheets before bed.

Who knew a body splash had so many uses? Not bad for a little over $4. Have you seen this in your neighborhood drugstore, Target or Wal-Mart?


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  • Rachel

    I’ve used the predecessor, the aerosol spray kind…and I used it just like you did, when I got done at the gym and smelled “funky”. I also have been known to use it during our 100+ degree heat of summer.

  • I have seen these around and have purchase them for myself as well as my daughter. She is 4 and she sees me putting on perfume. This is a fresh sent that isn’t too powerful for a young girl to wear.

    BTW: I think we all did what you did in high school.

  • we TOTALLY all did what you did in high school. ughhhh i remember gym, 9th grade, FIRST PERIOD. i was so jealous of all my friends who got to take it at the end of the day right before going home :( i was already a freak, and being a freak with funk did nothing for my self esteem.

  • mariah r.

    haha. You gave me some of these in that little goodie bag. :) I like it. Ofcourse, you’re right, it doesn’t last long. But its good for that quick light fruity scent in the morning …..or after gym class:) lmao. Haha

  • Kristen

    Yeah, I’ve seen those at my local Walmart. The one I found was the Cocoa Butter Kiss. For some reason, I just really love this smell.

    And yes, back in the 90s, I had tons of body mist bottles. It was such a silly fad but a nicely smelly one. 😛

  • Kym

    I know my cousin will kill me but I am getting these for her 4 and 5 year old girls. They love to smell good and have a tendency to mix their lotions at night so they can smell sweet while they sleep.

  • Jazz

    Umm we didnt have showers at my high school ( not that I was running around anyway) but I always had baby wipes , deodorant, powder and body spray .

  • I was one of the lucky few who don’t sweat much, I could get away with not even wearing deodorant for the longest time, but a little over 10 years ago I got herniated discs in my spine. When I’m in pain I either sweat or shiver or both, so I’ve had to get used to wearing deodorant every day.

    I do love body sprays anyway. It’s a great way to wear a light fragrance if you’re in the mood for that. It is also great for giving to young girls who want to wear perfume like mom. I gave some of those little body sprays to my 3 yr old niece and some lip balms so she could pretend to have lipstick too. lol