Sista Show-Off: The shopaholic who stopped shopping

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Can you imagine NOT shopping? I mean…for a complete year not purchasing an article of clothing, accessory OR purse? Have you fainted out of sheer horror yet? My girl Kelli over at Stop Shop is doing it. Hit the jump to read her story.

Kelli says: I had a lot of reasons for starting this conquest, but the main goal was just to honestly see if I could do it. I stopped shopping on April 1st (April Fools Day…) because it seemed like a big joke. I used to swing by the mall about twice a week to grab a new top or maybe some new earrings. I have accumulated a bunch of things I’d only worn once. I would feel so sad for my amazing tops that got pushed to the back of the closet, never to see daylight again.

I wanted all of my clothes to have an equal opportunity, and I wanted to see how much money I could save. It has been really difficult, but the pride I feel knowing I am accomplishing something so huge prevents me from forfeiting. Everyone I talk to says “I could never do that,” which only drives me further. I am officially halfway done and am truly proud. However… You can rest assured that I’ll be planning a HUGE shopping trip when the year is done!

Follow Kelli’s journey and send her a ton of motivation.

While I wouldn’t label myself a shopaholic, I don’t even know what I would do if I couldn’t purchase nail polish, books, or earrings for an entire year. O.M.G.

Go Kelli go!!! Check out her blog and tell her B sent you.

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  • Annelise

    That’s my girl!! Get ’em Kelli!!!

  • AHHHH B thank you SO much for featuring me! And of course, thank you Miss Annelise for submitting my blog. How exciting!!

    • Brittany

      You’re awesome, lady. Such an inspiration.

  • anhimals

    i think i have a problem…a shopping problem! i read an article on yahoo about a woman who wanted to get out of debt by only buying necessities and putting that money she saved on not shopping towards her bills. it inspired me to get out of debt. i only lasted one freakin’ day! i fail! but it seems like it is a sign for me since you posted this blog about another person not shopping for a whole year. maybe i can get inspiration from kelli and try one month at a time. wish me luck!

    • Brittany

      You can do it, darling!!!