Dry Skin Confessions

Oh gee, how do I start this off? I guess I should just come out with it.

I have dry skin. And I’ve always had dry skin. It’s not something I’m proud about either. It’s embarrassing. You can’t exactly go around scratching your lower back with intense frustration in public without people giving you the side-eye. But to my rescue, I present two drugstore (aka affordable) brands that have been coming to my rescue. First up…

Aren’t they sexy?

If the packaging looks different to you, that’s because St. Ives recently did some re-branding. I dig it!! Other changes are their ingredients. They are now formulated WITHOUT parabens and phthalates. And as always they do NOT test on animals. My skin is singing praises to these Intensive Healing lotions. Because it’s hypoallergenic, I don’t have to worry about my skin flaring up on me. And it’s fragrance-free. Another plus in my book. And just for reference’s sake, I happened to have an old bottle of St. Ives hand lotion at my desk. I purchased it a  good 5 months ago.

The make over is pretty groovy, uh? And how ’bout we zoom in on some of the ingredients that make St Ives’ Intensive Healing lotions a better alternative for us dry skin sistas.

Loves it! And then there’s Palmer’s Cocoa Butter goodness.

I’m no stranger to this line of body moisturizers but I have never tried the gel before.

It’s perfect for right after a bath or shower. And for every day use I am lovin’ the Skin Therapy lotion. My skin is happy. And of course you can find these kids at your favorite drugstores for under $10.

Oh. Yeah.

Any other ladies in the house with dry skin? I think we should start a club or somethin’.

  • OMG I have the dryest skin ever! I used St. Ive’s “Soothing” lotion with the oatmeal & shea butter and it worked, but that was during the summer months. As of now I’m using St. Ives “Hydrating” lotion and it has Vitamin E in, but I’m still dry even after I apply it right after my showers. The Jergens Ultra Healing lotion isn’t working either. :( I think I’m going to try these products out to see if they work out for me!

    • Brittany

      If you skin is still super dry, I find using a bit of olive oil or jojoba oil with lotion helps too .

    • Sandy

      I agree, the Jergens lotions do not work well. I bought the Skin Firming one recently and I don’t like the smell and it feels “sticky” on my skin afterwards. St. Ives and Palmers are priced right and work great!

  • My skin isn’t that dry, except for my back. Wow, the skin there is incredibly dry, I’m not kidding.

    • Brittany

      OMG, yessss….you too? I’m talkin’ scale-y, flaky dry. It’s so bad.

  • dry skin is an issue i contend with in the winter months. particularly, my hands take a beating since im one of the few people who still actually washes them… i hope to spot some of these when i hit up CVS this afternoon.

    • Brittany

      My hands stay dry too. The St. Ives hand lotion is king!!

  • Sandy

    Yep, I get dry skin in the winter especially. Put on lotion in the morning and before bed and it definitely helps. Don’t forget, St. Ives lotions don’t have parabens or phthalates :) I like their Cellulite Shield line as well, firms up the skin and smells great. Also used the Palmer’s Olive Oil lotion and it’s great, creamy but light. I’ll have to try that moisturizing gel oil though.

    • Brittany

      Oh yeah, I’ve been putting lotion on in the morning and at night since I was a kiddo. I HAVE too. And I think you’ll just love that gel. Haven’t tried Palmer’s olive oil lotion. Hmmm….

  • I definitely want to give this a try, I have the driest hands ever it seems. Lots of hand washing. Its a huge bonus that they don’t test on animals and they’re now paraben free

    • Brittany

      You’ll definitely need St. Ives’ hand lotion then. I use it after every hand washing session. Which is like…every other hour or so. :roll:

  • Salina

    Would you recommend using the palmers gel oil with the St. Ives? Or do you just use the two Palmer’s products together? Which one is better between the St. Ives and Palmer’s lotion?

    • Brittany

      Hmm, I haven’t tried them together and I don’t have a preference. I use them interchangeably. Palmer’s Cocoa Butter has a chocolate-y smell that I love but may be too strong for others. If you prefer fragrance-free lotions, St. Ives is the way to go. Both feel amazing on the skin.

  • Do you ever get painfully itchy? I recommend Eucerin’s Calming Cream. It does WONDERS. I’m going to have to try this St. Ive’s! It looks great!

    • Brittany

      Really? Yesss, my lower back is the worst!!

  • Dry skin is really a symptom of an internal problem.

    Ever notice how babies don’t require external moisturizers? (after they lose that icky birth skin) They haven’t had an opportunity to eat poorly or deplete their body of beneficial nutrients.

    Try taking supplements like Vitamin E and Wheat Germ. There are others but can’t remember them all.

    With that said, I have dry skin on my body but oily skin on my face. :-)

    • Brittany

      Lord knows I take enough vitamins as it is. I’ve always had super dry skin. Even when my diet is at its best and its worse. I blame genetics. LOL

      • LOL genetics is always a good one to blame. My 9 year old has special needs and his skin is never dry. Isn’t it something? He has other issues but his skin is wonderful :-)

  • Dani

    I love to mix my palmers gel oil with lotions, right out of the shower! Feet, Back and Booty stay soft and never itchy!

    • Brittany

      Will so be trying that!!

  • Thanks for posting this! My skin gets extremely dry in the winter, I’ll be looking out for those St. Ives products.

  • St. Ives products are super affordable :) And they’re great too

  • AmandaO

    I second Annelise with the Eucerin Calming Creme, and you should def try pairing it with the Body Wash too. My skin is soft like a baby’s bottom, it’s great!

    I do some work with Eucerin, and it’s the best thing that’s happened to my skin! We usually have some floating around the office, and I like to use Daily Skin Balance lotion sporadically during the day to combat the ridiculously dry weather that is winter.

    I’m dreaming of warmer days and sandy beaches :)