Kat Von D and B: Black liner and tattoos

Kat Von D and I have something in common. We both love tattoos. Yeah, I know…some people are all like, “They are so unprofessional.” OR “They are too permanent. What if you change your mind?” :roll: I’ve got 5 tattoos and have yet to regret any of them. I’ve got them all in locations that are concealable and sag-proof.

That sound you hear is probably of my parents weeping. Sorry Mom. Sorry Dad. Your little girl is a rockstar.  And this New Year’s Eve, I’m going to be rockin’ the a super smokey eye. Courtesy of Kat Von D’s Autograph pencil.

Why settle for a basic black liner when you can rock Kat Von D’s Black Metal Love? It’s not your every day black liner. It’s a matte black with silver micro-glitter. It gives you that extra POW that is so needed when bringing in the New Year.

Oh yeah! This pencil is formulated without parabens and stays on as long as my beloved Urban Decay 24/7 liners. And y’all know how much I love those. I think I love Kat’s more because it has a build-in sharpener and a smudge-tip end. So dope.

Kat, if you’re reading this…shoot me an email and let me know where you’re partying at this year. Put me on the VIP list. Eye’ll see you there!

Me and my jokes. Maybe I’ll get less lame in 2011. Probably not. If you’re looking to use up that Sephora gift card of yours, give Kat Von D’s Autograph pencil a peek. And check out the reviews on the site. Looks like I’m not the only one thinking this pencil is awesome.

  • Lobster

    Tattoos are trashy. Looks horrible w/ a wedding dress or evening wear.

    • Brittany

      Well, good thing your opinion doesn’t matter because if it did, I’d be highly offended. And thank goodness for concealer. That way those of us with tattoos who would like to conceal them on occasion can do so. 8)

      • This is why I love reading your blog. Because YOU are YOU and you rock YOU so well :)

  • ladyshawann

    Tatoos can be lovely, and meaningful! I have a cousin that has Mighty mouse on his arm. For him it is a reminder that short men are powerful too. His father has a seven headed dragon on his back that is one of the most enchanting pieces of art I have ever seen. I would not get a tatto myself, I like my” life marks”.To each his/her own. I rock my Afrolush style heads turn some might hate but oh well! We will Pray for You, PEACE!

    • Brittany

      Loves it!!!

  • Kim

    Wow, Lobster… That was rude. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion but wow. That was just stank. My wish for you in 2011 is to be a little more courteous. And to perhaps get a tramp stamp : )
    I’m diggin your tats B. And I’m diggin the eye pencil! Have a Happy New Year!

    • Brittany

      There are a ton of Lobsters in the world. Boo. Happy New Year to you!!

  • KDJ

    wow,i dont care for tatoos either but have some tact lobster.Sheeeesh!

    • Brittany

      Lobster is entertaining. I love shutting trolls down. :)

  • MsFarrah

    Britt, rock on with your tattoos mami!!
    I have two myself and I am wanting another but the Hubbie is saying NO!!
    Anywho, I’m really liking this Kat Von D liner I think I will have to put this gift card to some use! Happy New Year!!

    • Brittany

      Happy New Year!!!!

  • Jen

    Tattoos are not for me (I fall into the “too permanent” category) but I think they can look sooo cool on other people. My boyfriend has a skeleton hand tattoo on his right hand and I think it’s one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen.

    And like you said–there’s always concealer for when you want/need to hide them.

    (love your liner!)

    • Brittany

      I feel the same way about folx with sleeve tattoos. I think they are beautiful. But I don’t think I could take the plunge myself. You are awesome. Happy New Year!

  • As the proud owner of two tattoos, I say “Rock on!” My tattoos have never stopped me from getting what I want professionally.

    Love the cat eye. I’m a make-up novice, but I’d really like to try that look. Do you think it works for girls with glasses?

    • Brittany

      I agree! There are plenty of professionals with tattoos. Who cares yo. And absolutely! I wear glasses and the cat eyes look beautiful through lenses.

  • Rock on with tattoos! I have 3 myself.

    Love Kat Von D products in general (especially her tattoo concealer), but haven’t tried the liners yet.

    • Brittany

      The tattoo concealer looks crazy cool. Wish that they had warmer shades.

  • gio

    I love tattoos, they can be so beautiful and cool but I’m too scared of needles to get one. lol. I’m a wimp.

    The liner is really pretty.

    • Brittany

      Is it strange that I think the needle is kinda cool? LOL!

      • My first tattoo…I got after YEARS of wanting one but being too afraid of the needles. I was sick for a long time and my low tolerance of pain and fear of things became very high. It was not the feeling I expected when the needle hit my skin. I actually….liked the feeling? My second tattoo…I fell asleep during the process. lol. Too tell you how much people were not believing that I would get a tattoo because f my fear…….I had an entourage of about 7 people that came just to see me get it because they did not believe I would. lol

        • Brittany

          Rock oooon!

  • Momo

    B !! The liner looks stunning *_* 😀 !!
    I love your tat btw:)

    But you said you have 5 right? What are they :)!?

    P.s. Perfect reply to *Lobster*……teehehe ^_^

    • Brittany

      Thanks darlin’! I’ve got Mama Afrika on my shoulder, a star on my ankle, a Sankofa symbol behind my ear, an ankh symbol on my back and a gye nyame symbol on my wrist. Gye nyame and sankofa are West African symbols.

      • Momo

        Oooooo all those tats sound Devine !:)
        You should be in a museum with all that awesome art ! ^_^ hehe

  • :) I am a long time reader…first time commenter. I just want to say that I am a tattoo lover also. I have 3 and I plan to get a few more. They all mean very special things to me and one was gotten at a very special time in my life to prove something to myself. They are not in easily hidden areas, but the way I see it is they are a part of me…so if you don’t like them or can’t accept them then you will not be able to accept me. So you go girl :) Be your rock star :)

    P.S. I am an avid user of the cat eye, especially when I want to still look super sexy but not have that much work put into it.

    • Brittany

      Yay for first time reader and tattoo lover! I completely agree. Tattoos tell a story and when people want to get to know me, my tattoos often come up as they are a part of me.

  • I love tattoos but i’m too much of a chicken to get one :( they say it’s painful