Battle of the Purple Lipsticks

If you know me, you know that I LOVE a good purple lipstick. Oh yes, thought I was in love with red lippies, uh? Yeah…a good red lip is indeed all that and a bag of kale chips. But there is something about purple lips. They are so unexpected. So different. So B. And so, I present to you two very different purple lippies. And I’m leaving it up to you to decide which one is best.

Because ain’t no way I’m choosin’…

In the left corner we have…

Oh, so you didn’t know Manic Panic made cosmetics? Yeah, me neither. I’ve always been a faithful fan to their hair dyes (me + violet hair=oh yeah!) but it wasn’t until fairly recently that I discovered that they have a cosmetics line. And a vegan cosmetics line too. There really isn’t anything that deadly about Deadly Night. I find it to be quite lively. In fact, if you are new to purple lipstick, this may be be the route to go. Oh, and it’s only $8 and available anywhere Manic Panic Cosmetics are sold. Or if you’d prefer to shop online, click here.

And then in the right corner, we have…

There has been quite a buzz about these lippies. #14 and her 49 siblings come in 3 different finishes; satin, matte and pearly. And she is just what you would expect from MUFE. Full blown intense pigmentation. Lipsticks from Make Up For Ever are for serious lippie lovers only. If you can’t take the heat, home skillet, get out of the kitchen. But not until you pay the $19 it takes to purchase a lipstick like this. You can snag this kid at Sephora. And it’s paraben-free. That’s pretty groovy.

Which one do you fancy? Manic Panic or Make Up For Ever’s? I’m not choosing. No way.

Think you’ll take up purple lipstick rockin’ in 2011?


  • I really like both colors on you!!!

    • Brittany


  • Can I just say I love them both on you? I never thought purple would look so nice! I need purple lipstick, pronto.

    • Brittany

      Purple lippies are quite the shocker, uh? Who knew they could be so wearable? You should try one!

  • milaxx

    Kinda surprised since I love MUFE lippies, but I prefer the manic panic lipstick on you.

    • Brittany

      My lips are sealed. :)

  • i like the MUFE one best. it’s more purple-y! i think i’ll continue rocking the purple lip for a while.

    • Brittany

      Rock on, sista! And Happy Holidays to you!

  • Now here’s a color I can get with! I LOVE purple. All shades. Thanks for sharing this one Brittany :-)

    • Brittany

      As long as purple is deep, rich and jewel-toned, I can handle it. But lilac and light purples= :roll:.

      • lol I love them all. I can do light purples if there’s a shimmer to it

  • What a coincidence… I haven’t worn purple lips in forever, but this morning I pulled one out from my stash… Clinique’s different lipstick in A Different Grape. It’s one of my faves but always seems to get forgotten about. My bad.

    I’d vote for the Manic Panic bc it’s more everyday wearable (I never thought I’d say that about MP!). I used to wear their glitter back in middle school, haha.

    • Brittany

      Manic Panic is so throwback, yo!! I’m digging their re-branding.

  • Momo

    B those are some awesome lipsticks !!!:D but my favorite one on you is definitely the manic panic one !!:) it’s not as purple as the other one but it’s like a Fancier purple !!:) love it

    • Brittany

      I’m so not choosing. 😉

  • Alexa

    OMG! This is sooo hard! But I have to say that Make Up Forever’s lipstick is my fave beacause of that gorgeous shimmery finish!

  • c0c0puffz

    I haven’t tried a purple lipstick since my high school days in the 90s when it was cool to have dark lips with black eyeliner around them. But if I was to choose I would go for MUFE because it’s darker. If you are going to go bold go all the way.

    • Brittany

      True dat! 8)

  • Lavendar

    These look fantastic! I’m really digging the Manic Panic. Purple is sooo my color; now I want some purple lippies!

  • SHUT UP! i didnt know Manic Panic made cosmetics either… i have the make up forever purple lipstick bec it called my name from across the room and i had to get it! at the time i didn’t even wear lipstick! i love them both did you use a liner or gloss with either?

    • Brittany

      Nope, no liners. Just them. 8)

  • thisizkim

    Not too many people can rock a purple lip, but you look great!

    • Brittany

      Thank youuuu!

  • I think that they both look great but I prefer the Make Up For Ever on you.

  • SweetCaroline

    Most definately the Make Up Forever lipstick, has less pink undertone, more contrasting and seductive.

  • Mimi

    Hi Brittany! I really love the Manic Panic one. I want to buy one right now! But I was wondering why it looks purple in the swatch and more burgundy on your lips. Did you mix it with anything, like cherry chapstick or something? Please do tell tell because I want the look you have on your lips. Thanks

    • Brittany

      Nope, I didn’t mix it with anything. That’s how it looks the minute it went on my lips. It does look a lot darker in the tube but it really isn’t AS dark on the lips.

      • Mimi


  • I love it! The both look good but I lean toward the first one more… I was just in the process of reviewing some pinkish lipstick…Check it out in a couple of days!