Amor de Lacquer: Sally Hansen holiday nail polish 2010

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B, what is Christmas like in Florida? I get this question a lot. Short answer? It’s great. I mean, don’t get me wrong–there is nothing like sipping cocoa while chestnuts roast on an open fire. I love bundling up and wearing boots and scarves. But would I trade all of that for doing cannonballs in the pool in late November? No ma’am.

And although we’re hittin’ 85 degrees here in Orlando, sometimes it’s hard to get into the holiday spirit because it just doesn’t feel like Christmas time. Hence why I love when my favorite beauty brands come out with collections that are holiday-appropriate.

OMG, just WAIT until you see how dynamite that gold is. Just wait. Hit the jumps to see the collection up close.

Let’s start of with the traditional holiday colors?

Perfect Match

Perfect Match is stunning and yes, yes, I know we’ve seen it before but I just love the way this baby shines when the light hits it. It’s the kind of color that ladies who aren’t so adventurous with their nail colors will sport. But it will also appeal to the nail polish fanatics like myself. Why, it’s…the perfect match!

Rockstar Candy

With a name like Rockstar Candy, you’d expect something dynamic, right? Um…no. While this isn’t a bad color, I find it to be a bit boring for a holiday collection. But who says we can’t throw a glittery top coat over it and make it the real rockstar that it wanted to be?

Starry Starry Flight

And speaking of glittery top coats. I LOVE this one. I love how it is opaque with only 2 coats. It’s full of love and happiness and on days where I’m feeling lost and insecure, I just pull these kid out and stare at it. And if you know me, you know I’m not even playing. :)

Downtown Rubies

We’ve seen glittery red polishes before so this is just another one to add to the mix. What sets this apart from all of the others is how sheer it is with just one coat but can provide complete coverage with a good 2-3 coats. So it works great as a layering polish AND as primary nail color. Loves iiiit!

Trouble Maker

Purple creams are always a plus for me. But man, this kid was quite the trouble maker when photographing. Sometimes it’s a dark purple. Other times it’s a nice medium deep purple with a tinge dark magenta. Either way, at two coats it is definitely the most unique purple cream I’ve ever seen.

Golden Ticket

Okay, being that I’m a 8-year old trapped in a 25-year old’s body, when I first saw the name of this polish, I thought, Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. Which was only one of my FAVORITE movies as a kid. So yeah, this polish’s name and performance brought me so much joy. Yes yes, I know…it’s a glitter so it’s going to give us a lot of problems when it comes to removing but man, is it not worth it or what?

I’m missing 2 from this collection, including a stunning forest green. It’s everything you’ve ever dreamed of so honey, I highly suggest you hunt these bad boys down. And it’ll be a struggle considering Sally Hansen is so up and down with their availability. I am still a HUGE fan of the larger brush but I certainly wish the prices were a little more reasonable. $9 is a bit steep for a drugstore brand. But that’s IF you don’t catch them on sale. Which I always manage to do.

What do you think? Lovin’ these or leavin’ em?

Your fellow nail polish junkie,

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  • “trouble maker” is hot! i need that in my life.

  • I’m wearing Rockstar Candy right now and I’m in love with it! I think it’s such a nice color! It’s been 5 days though so maybe I’ll add a shimmer or glitter now :)

  • Stacy

    I don’t polish my nails much because they are short & stubby and they always chip in less than a day anyway, but that Golden Ticket is niiiiice! I’d break that bad boy out for a holiday par-tay.

    And since you’re kind of a nail polish guru…why does polish stay on our toes for week but it only lasts hours on the nails? Inquiring minds wanna know. LOL

    • Brittany

      Ahhhh, that is so true. I think it has something to do with us using our hands a lot more. We pick, we grab, we scratch, we dump them in water and they snag on this and that. Nails take quite the beating.

  • OOH a forest green and Golden Ticket ruffian would be nicE!!!

    • Brittany

      Yessss goodness!

  • Kym

    I wish they would make these bottles in smaller size especially the holiday colors. I want 2 of them but what will i do with them after the holidays?

    • Brittany

      Girlfriend, you can rock these colors year round.

  • I also live in Florida and have been having a hard time getting into the Christmas spirit these past few years because of the weather. I really like the Downtown Rubies polish. Red is my favorite color! Thank you for this post!

    • Brittany

      Woo hoo! Fellow Floridian!

  • Brittany

    I’m just curious about the way you polish your nails. Is there a reason why you don’t polish all the way to the cuticle? There’s always a bit of your natural nail showing between the cuticle and polish. Is there a certain reason for this?

    • Brittany

      I don’t do it for any real reason. Just a preference thing. :)

      • Brittany

        Thanks for answering my question. I was just curious.

  • Sharon

    I am a total sucker for glitter and sparkles lol I have a hard time finding colors I really like on me. I’m very pale and some things just look too flashy but when it comes to anything with sparkles I’m pretty much fitting your own description
    “I’m a 8-year old trapped in a 25-year old’s body”
    Except for me I’m 26. I think I will find myself picking up Downtown Rubies and Golden Ticket at some point.
    Hopefully I can pull it off as well as you did.

    • Brittany

      You’ll pull it off. Trust me. :)

  • Bre

    so jealous!
    It’s 32 degrees in NY. and the windshield factor has to be at it’s highest making it feel like its below 0 :-(
    enjoy that warm weather.

    Golden Ticket and Trouble Maker will look great together.
    can you try it out and post it up?

    • Brittany

      That’s a fab combo! I’m going to post it in the Facebook group. Look for it in there. :)

  • Ivette

    Where did you find these polishes? I live in Orlando too and I can never find these– especially a good red glitter nail polish with a clear base.

    • Brittany

      I’ve seen them in several Walgreens here in Orlando.

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