Giveaway! Tarte Jewelry Box palette!

One lucky lady will have the chance to win this gorgeousssss and limited edition palette from one of my favorite green brands, Tarte. It comes with 32 shadows, 8 lip glosses, a shimmering powder, 5 eyeliners and a detachable necklace. It’s a Sephora exclusive that retails for $52 and will disappear soon. You want it, uh? Hit the jump to get the deets.

Here’s how you can win…

1) Leave a comment on THIS blog post telling me something totally awesome about yourself.


2) Follow Clumps of Mascara on Twitter and leave a comment here telling me you’ve done so.

Zee Rules:

-Open to U.S. residents only.
-Contest ends Wednesday, December  22, 2010 at 11:59 pm EST.
-Have you won a giveaway within the past 6 months? Give someone else a chance.
-Winner will be selected at random.
-Family members/personal friends of B are not eligible.
-In the event that a winner does not respond in 3 days, another person will be selected.
-Click here for additional rules and regulations for giveaways hosted on Clumps of Mascara.

If you have any questions, email me at Good luck!

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  • Bailey

    I follow you on Twitter!


  • Kristin Cameron

    Just ONE awesome thing?! 😉

    Hmm, okay. I own an albino leopard gecko. Her name is Peach! Here’s a picture of her:

    • Brittany


  • Zoe

    I’m wonderful cook and a great friend.

  • Zoe

    I also follow you on Twitter @MsIzzo

  • tiffany

    babies love me!

  • I’m a great listener (there is a reason we have 2 ears and only 1 mouth) and try best to give sound advice when asked.

  • Melissa D

    I’m a Twitter follower from wayyyy back (@turboterpmd)!

  • Khara

    I know how to braid really well.

  • Janel

    I follow you on twitter!

  • Traci B

    I love to help others see their vision become a reality!

  • I love life and try to live each and everyday like it’s my last. I cherish my family and wouldn’t be able to make it without them!!

  • Carmen D

    Love your blog, Ms. Clumps! It’s always snazzy and not like “oh to look the best you GOTTA use these super expensive brands”. But… I would LOVE IT if you could bring back the segments where you would tell us the deals on makeup at Walgreens and CVS and Riteaid. Thanks and Happy Holidays!!

    • Brittany

      Ahhh, you read my mind. I’m working on that. It’ll definitely be back in 2011.

  • @MemoirsofKeith follows you on twitter. Something totally awesome about myself? Hmmm, I’m a guy and I love makeup.

  • milaxx

    I tough. I’ve been dealing with a serious illness since September and I’m not afraid to question what the doctors say.

    also follow on twitter

  • Porschia

    I follow you on Twitter girl! U are awesome! @porschika

  • I am a Police Officer’s Wife and no matter what obstacles come my way He and I get through it together! ( Think being a Police Officer is Tough? Try Being a police officer’s Wife) wahaaa

  • I’ve been following you on Twitter @LolaAM
    Awesome = Knowledgeable in a lot of different areas. (My mom told me to put that. ha!)

  • Leah

    I am a true individual and love to make the people around me laugh with my dorkiness

    @ Fustyluggz

  • Something awesome about myself? I’m passionate about things concerning race, like hair and representation of different people in media. I’m a quiet person, but I can talk a lot about it and I love to write, so much of what I write about has to do with these things.


    I’m a great friend (and, subsequently, I have many great friends as well!)

    Totally following you on twitter…allilikewhoa…longtime reader!

  • Bethany Richardson

    I’m patient and always willing to lend a hand!

  • mukalia boyd

    I’m a natrual hair rocker,for over a year now.I’m a mom of a little girl trying to be the best example I can be,I teach her about her beautiful hair and pretty brown skin.she’s a little vain now,but hey black is beautiful:o)

  • Catherine

    I am a kind person and I just got a new job that involves helping others. Love your site.

  • Perla

    I Turn OCD When It Comes To My Room!
    Well, I Like That About Me.

    Oh And My Birhtday Is December 21st.
    Tuesday! I’m Barely Turning 16 But I Feel
    Like An Old Lady.

    • Brittany

      OMG, 16 is so not old. But yay to Capricorns!!!

  • Elizabeth D.

    I am awesome because I smile everyday (naturally)… and it’s so contagious that people constantly ask me, “Is there a time where you DON’T smile? Because you’re always smiling whenever I look at you!”


    It takes more muscles to frown that smile, so why not just smile?

  • Melissa W

    Not only do I follow you on twitter and subscribe to your youtube, you have also inspired me to take the natural trip and lock my hair. Your sister locks are gorgeous. And something I think is totally awesome about me is that I’m a Forensic Biologist…oh and I’m A Black Girl and I ROCK!!!!

    • Brittany


  • I collect bouncy balls! 800 + so far!

  • Sarah

    I used to be broken, but now I’m stronger than ever.

  • Brittany

    One awesome thing: I feed stray cats.

  • KC

    I have never tried tarte out, but I’ve heard some great things about the company! I super hope I get to try this!

  • Valerie

    I am very, sometimes too observant. 😉

    I love your blog, btw.

  • Eve

    I follow you on twitter @shopgurl

  • S Carter

    I am a girly girl who loves monster truck racing. Yep, I said it!

  • I just ran a 5k…even though for years I always hated running! GO ME!!

  • Ti_mitre

    This past year I raised lots of money to help find a cure for breast cancer…oh and I walked for two days!

  • Alexa

    I’m a 15 year old makeup addict that is always inspired by all of your blogs and makeup tutorials!!!! The awesome thing about me is that I am a devoted hard working dancer always willing to try new things and is getting better everyday!

  • I am a young wife and mother that has recently discovered that I have I have lost myself in my husband and kids. I have set out on a journey to rediscover myself and it has been awesome!!!!

  • MJ

    I am a recovering grammar nazi- it’s awesome that I don’t get all uptight about little things like how my neighbors use the word “good” anymore!

  • MJ

    Following on Twitter~ @butterflyrouge

  • Hi! I just swapped a nice palette of mine for a used tarte one on MUA. That was two weeks ago. Still haven’t seen it. I’m keeping my head up and leaving no negative tokens and staying positive. Any day now that palette is going to arrive at my mailbox I can feel it!

    I think it’s awesome that I can stay so positive even after things can look bleak! :)

  • Candice J

    Something totally awesome?? This is my 3 month aniversary of my baby locs!! Woo Hoo!!! Also, I will be recieving my Bachelor’s Diploma in about 3 months!! YEsssss!!! Love ur blog!

  • Tamara

    I follow you on twitter! My twitter name is mochamishmash.


  • Elvia Solis

    I am a mascara junkie I own over a 100 mascaras!

  • Genifer

    The most awesome thing about me is more about my grandma really, but still way awesome. I got to ride in a 2 seater plane she handbuilt with her then boyfriend. How many people can say their grandmas have done something as cool as that??!

  • Mahika

    I am going to New York today!!! And would love to have this so I can play up my features !:P

  • Stephanie Martinez

    I am a twin. I go to college and am double majoring in Spanish and International Affairs, I want to help the world one day, I consider myself a humanitarian. I just started using make-up and I’m 18, going on to be 19 in a couple months!

  • I’m Kayla and I’m awesome because I run a discount cosmetics site called Makeup Deals of the Day where top brands are discounted from 10-70% off retail. I have brands like Lancome, Estee Lauder, Benefit, Urban Decay, Smashbox, and even a little bit of MAC.
    I’m following you on twitter. I’m @makeupdeal on there.
    I’d love to win!

    Love your blog. I’m going to feature it in my meta-blog post. I will email you when it’s posted.

    • Brittany

      Thanks for the love, Kayla!

  • Angelina

    I play the bass guitar and totally rock out when I get the chance :)

  • Lavendar

    I am so Blessed and so thankful! I’ve been wanting to go back to school for a bachelor’s degree since I got an associate’s 10 years ago. I just got accepted to a private university and got a 75% scholarship. God is soooo good!!!!

  • Josie

    I have the bestestestest friend in the whole entire world.

  • Valerie C.

    I follow you on Twitter. I’m dragonfly777.
    I have transformed in my lifetime from the shyest kid in the world….to a business woman who talks non-stop :)

  • Ta-Shire T.

    I work at the library of a community college, and today I helped a mentor track down his mentee’s principal to ensure the little boy had gifts for Christmas! The mentor wasn’t able to visit the boy at school this week, as we had some snow here in VA, and he was heartbroken because he knew the little boy would be disappointed. We tracked down the principal of the school on FB and left him a message to contact the mentor. I’m definately feeling the Christmas spirit right now :)

  • Mrs Hughes

    something special trying to win this for my daughter, she loves eyes shadow and lip glosss

  • SH

    I am not yet 20, and I have a chronic illness called CFS. Kudos to the person on here who isn’t afraid to question doctors. They can be awful, and prejudiced even against minors!

  • Ashley

    Ok this is an amazing giveaway- I’ve been wanting this palette forever!
    So I guess my thing is that I am the most driven person I know :) I’ve always worked very hard to get to where I want to be. Probably has something to do with the fact that I’m a perfectionist :) However, in what seems to be contrary to all that, I am very sensitive to other people’s feelings and try to never hurt anyone in any way. I hate conflict too but tend to be a pretty good leader- guess I’m just full of contradictions! (I do follow you on Twitter too btw). Love your blog! Thanks again for the great giveaway.

  • I always try to see the positive side of things and my boyfriend always tells me how darn sweet I am!

  • ChrsLvsBks

    I love helping people care for their natural hair. I do my best to help people on forums, during gatherings and strangers in the store (I oftentimes get asked what I do to my hair). I always tell them to have patience and try a product at least three times before classifying it as a no go product. Natural hair is my passion!

    • Brittany

      Woo hooo! Natural hair is one of my passions too.

  • Angela

    I don’t really know anything awesome about me. Is that terrible? I guess I’m a good listener, because several of my friends say I give good advice.

  • Hey Brittany,

    My best friend had a baby 6 days ago, and she just asked me to be his godmother!!! I’m SO SO excited and can’t talk about it without getting choked up :)

    I hope you’re having a great weekend!


    • Oh my gosh, I forgot to include that I follow you on twitter too!

    • Brittany

      Congratulations!!!!!!! I know the feeling. Being a godmommy is wonderful.

  • I think your blog rocks (and I love that you rock bold lippies)

    An awesome thing about me is I can lick my own elbow, which is suppose to be impossible, but I can totally do it.

  • I’m a twitter follower (@CarMeMe)

  • I am a super sweet person…everybody loves me because I am sincere and gracious…

    and I am so flippin’ goofy.

    and I’m going to be famous one day for one or any of the following: writing, singing, photography, YouTube, my church.


  • Elizabeth P.

    I am single-handed spreading the word MEEP around the world (:

    Just kidding, but seriously, MEEP is the way to go..

    but one awesome thing is that I always go through and reach for what I want, no matter how much doubts people throw on me.
    I’m going to audition for a performing arts school and do my best, no matter what. (:

  • Danny G.

    I follow u on twitter missy! @ItzMs_Gary

  • ShaquilaRenay

    I love Tarte Cosmetics and was a beauty beginner when I began following your blog.

    Awesome Thing About Me: I’m 21 at Emory University and trying to gradually transition my style to a more mature taste. This set would definitely help!

  • Lindsey Huber

    I have painted my nails!

  • Katrina

    I’m a very thoughtful person.

  • gabby

    Something awesome about myself is that I have a 2 1/2 year old son. He is what makes me awesome and I am so proud to be a mommy!

  • Bianca

    You have the best giveaways!

    Hmm, one awesome thing…I was a dancer until I was 16 and I will still bust out my old dance routines when some 90’s song comes on the radio. It’s ridiculous and I can’t believe I still remember them!

  • tc

    something awesome about me os that i am awesome…i also follow you also faxiebarbie

  • I follow you on Twitter @Sabrina97 and an interesting fact is I love to wrap gifts and make gift baskets. I’ve been thinking I might want to start a business doing it…

  • Lora

    I may not be the bravest person, and I almost never stick up for myself. But if someone’s saying something bad about someone I care for, I will be the first one to tell them to stop. :)

  • Crystal S.

    My friends and family always come to me to do their makeup for parties and such…they all say I could be a pro makeup artist!

  • Maame A

    i would say something awesome about myself is that i am from ghana,west africa which i think is the most awesome country ever! i feel so blessed to have an amazing culture…HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

  • Law School Fool

    One awesome thing about me . . .

    I am a 30 yr old Black woman who knows my worth and has the BEST parents and girlfriends anyone could every dream of.

  • stephanie

    my fingers on my left hand are double jointed!

  • Cindy

    Ive just recently adopted a dog and am saving money to make other dog kennels better.

  • indayluvs

    I don’t need recognition when I choose to do the right thing or commit a random act of kindness =)

  • Vivianne

    Love your blog!! So one interesting thing about me?? I’m in law school, so this past summer I worked at a Legal Aid clinic helping human trafficking victims receive visas to stay in the US and start new lives!

    • Janda

      that is really awesome! best wishes as you pursue your J.D!

  • Kristina

    The most amazing thing that has happened to me so far is that I was accepted to San Diego State University. It’s the girl I always wanted to go since I was about 8…I’m 20 now.

    • Brittany

      OMG, congratulationsssss!!!!

      • THANKS Brittany. I’m pretty excited!

    • I just caught what I said, but I mean school instead of girl…i guess I’m not that smart

  • Just wanted to say I love your site! Thanks for giving us the opportunity to win!
    Something awesome about me: I’m a wife and mother of 3. I love all things makeup/beauty related, and I hail from Flint, Michigan-yet travel the World with my military family!

    • Brittany

      Thank you for thanking me!!

  • Taylor

    i apply to nursing school in a few months! lots of hard work but it will definitely be worth it

  • Becky

    One awesome thing about myself… I am a loving person that can forgive easily.

    I follow you on twitter… @Lovey99

  • Claudia

    I can tie a knot with a cherry stem in my mouth.

  • Marie Garcia

    i followed you on twitter! @YESIREEmarie =)
    one thing totally awesome about myself?
    I love my parents dearly.

  • aya

    @greenwithenvii on twitter
    im a mother of 2 awesome boys

  • Nessa

    Something totally awesome about myself…hmmm…I make some cool bracelets!
    I follow you on twitter as MissNessa, too!

  • MsFarrah

    I am finally comfortable in the skin i am in:)
    yeah I could lose a few pounds but that doesnt make me the wonderful wife and friend that I am or change the way I feel about myself

  • Aprel Danielle

    I have two beautiful doves as pets.I am also a mom of four who homeschools.Pray for me!!

  • Kim

    I am obsessed with nail polish, mascaras, and blushes. And my puppy!

  • Giselle

    I do a perfect Mickey Mouse impersonation…its not awesome, but it makes people smile :)

  • Janda

    ONE awesome thing about me:

    I LOVE people and helping anyone person through many causes/organizations…


    • Janda

      ONE awesome thing about me:

      I LOVE people and helping anyone through many causes/organizations…


  • Stephanie

    I love to SCUBA dive even in the early winter in Michigan.

  • Amber Joy

    I looooooove dogs!!! My family and I have 2 dachshunds and they are my heart <3

  • Heather

    I am following you on Twitter as @MissJupiter1957.

  • Something totally awesome: i have theee most amazing concerts in the shower every morning. I should win a Grammy. :)

  • Havilland

    Awesome thing about me…I LOVE to interact & socialize with just about everyone…but not in the “she’s driving me crazy” annoying kind of way.
    @HavillandSavage – Twitter

  • Jasmine

    Hey, just followed you on twitter. I’m @jasuplugged.

    Anyway, I am entering this drawing because I’m a soon to be graduate from college and would like to update my look for my path in life! i love funky colors and i’d love to try something new with my makeup besides using my mac compact. this sephora set looks great!

  • KAI

    Something totally awesome about me? I drive a family vehicle (Ford Taurus) that I named Sophia Reagan we been riding together 3 years strong. TRUE Story. I guess the awesome thing about me is that I don’t always take life so seriously. It’s ok to laugh.

  • Tai

    One of my favorite things in my life is my rabbit(The real thing lol)….Coco Chanel Sephora.

  • Mykeshia

    I love football! GO Falcons!

  • Blythe

    I belong to an internationally-known choir, and for performances and competitions it’s important to look my best – hence my mascara addiction! Love “Falsies” from Maybelline, your review inspired me to try it and it works great!

  • Airess

    Something totally awesome about me is that I am a makeup artist and addict and I am going through basic training for the Army Reserves which means I can’t even look at makeup until February and it is killing me!! Lol

  • Airess

    I follow on Twitter!


  • Stacy

    I follow you on twitter! @TasteStaceFace

  • I have been doing so good with appying me makeup, and enjoying make-up so much! I think my confidence has really boosted, so much so Im going to appy at some make-up counters at the mall this weekend.

    Wish me Luck

  • M

    I make some yummy lemon squares :)

  • I am awesome because I am expecting my first child and exhausted AND MAKING myself finish school by taking 6 classes next semester… but alas, it MUST be done.

  • Sass

    I’ve returned to school this year, at the lovely age of 32, to become a doctor. Starting from scratch. Working hard to make it happen!

  • Angela Dowmont

    I follow you on twitter!


  • Victoria

    I just got back from a trip to the Sacramento area. My husband is from there and I have a ton of family in the area also. Once their economy is stable, we want to move there. It’s our favorite spot. :)

  • KDJ

    I am a first grade teacher and today is the first day of my vacation!!!!

  • emily

    I’m a struggling college student focusing in acting (so I’ll be struggling when I get out, too), BUT I’m also getting an incredible apprenticeship in seamstressing at the same time. I think it’s pretty amazing.

  • Yandla

    I’m following you on twitter! I’m a wife, mother, writer who loves too rock out the makeup!!! Pick me! Pick me!!!

  • Ruth

    Following you on twitter!!

  • I love helping others. :)

  • I’m the daughter of a 50 year old first time college graduate, as of last Saturday! I’m so proud of her!

  • Ashley S

    i love my brown eyes! they rock!

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