Food Yum: Bahama Breeze, take me away!

Since I’ve been wanting to incorporate more food posts on Clumps, I guess I should give the unofficial series a name. Food Yum it is!

The other night I had dinner at Bahama Breeze. For the first time in years! I went down to the one off of International Drive in Orlando. I-Drive is also known as Restaurant Row and is always swarming of tourists. Us locals usually stay far away. But Bahama Breeze’s Creole Baked Goat Cheese made dodgin’ the bad driving tourists worth it.

I’ve been on this goat cheese kick for a few weeks now. I find it 10x better on my lactose intolerant tummy and I just love its woody taste. And when I saw it as an appetizer on the Bahama Breeze menu, I HAD to have it.

The goat cheese was seasoned magnificently with basil and other seasonings that my taste buds couldn’t pick up on. The vine-ripened tomato salsa was perfect on top of the goat cheese. I even ended up eating the bell pepper. And I’ve never eaten a bell pepper. It was deliciously sweet and wonderful.

And while I enjoyed my jerk Mahi-Mahi, the appetizer definitely stole the show for me. Rock on, Bahama Breeze. I didn’t even know you were cool like that.

Is there a Bahama Breeze in your hood? What should I try the next time I’m there?

  • jordan

    I love the lemonade they make with the piece of cane sugar in it! Abd their quesadillas are good but i can’t eat them b/c i’m also lactose intolerant :-( boo

    • Brittany

      Ohhh, I’ll have to try the lemonade the next time I go. And yay for team LI. I wish restaurants had more dairy free options. :(

  • Momo

    Omg I lovvvveee Bahama Breeeeezze!!!! I use to go there as a kid lol
    Thanks for bringing back some good O’l memories 😀

    <3 <3<3

    • Brittany

      Good food always brings about good memories. Gota love it.

  • Joanne_

    i went there when i visited Orlando and i was pleasantly surprised. there isn’t one in tally so i had to hit this one up. I can’t remember my dish though, but i do remember it came with a side of mashed potatoes with a cheese and corn on top. odd combo but it was really good! :)

    • Brittany

      Oh gosh! The Tally has a Bahama Breeze is the day I’ll move back. Hehe, just kidding. BB rocks!

  • Lee

    We are so much alike. I love this appetizer so much I get it as a meal and eat the peppers when I’m done with the goat cheese. I’m gonna get even fatter hanging with you. LOL


    • Brittany

      Haha, no you won’t. I only eat out once a week. But spend the entire week practically eating like a bird and work out darn near every day. At least I try. :)