Dr. Scholl’s Fast Flats are All a’That!

I have never been a girl who loves heels. I can’t even pretend like I do. I was the lucky one to get the flat feet gene (thanks Dad) and wearing anything outside of flats or tennis shoes results in some kind of pain. Heels especially. But wearing those things are inevitable. I have to rock them to work, church, meetings and fancy functions. But mannnn, I SO want to hug whoever invented these Fast Flats.

Fold-able flats that can fit in my purse? Oh…yes.

Mama Clumps gave me a pair of these for Christmas and I’ve been singing them praises ever since. The idea is genius! These shoes fit into a small pouch which is small enough to fit in my purse.

So I can walk IN with heels and walk out with flats. Of course they aren’t longwear flats. And you probably don’t want to get caught in the rain with them. But they’ve got a rubber-y bottom making for nice grip while walking on cement. They get the job done. Easy peasy. I do wish the pouch was a little larger. You have to do some kind of tugging to get the shoes to go back in the pouch. They come in three sizes so if you’re a woman reppin’ size 10 (holla!), I found that these  fit me perfectly. They retail for $9.97 at Wal-Mart.

My feet love you, Dr. Scholl’s. You da man. Or is Dr. Scholl’s a woman? Anyone know? 8)

  • I seen those flats this past weekend!!

    • Brittany

      Yesss goodness, I SO needed them then.

  • I got these for Christmas too and i LOVE them! I used them at a NYE wedding and they were a life saver. Best invention for 2010

    • Brittany

      Total lifesavers, aren’t they?

    • Brittany

      Yessss goodness!

  • And where do you keep your heels after you changed your shoes? (when you’re out and about). Doesn’t make sense to me…

    • Brittany

      You can place them in your purse (given that it’s large enough) or an additional bag. I wore mine this past weekend and put my heels in my car. Or shoot, I’d even carry my heels if I had to. Anything to prevent the pain that comes along with wearing heels for hours at a time. Again, they aren’t longwear flats. That make a ton of sense to me. Love these things!

  • I need these! Will be on the lookout. Thanks!

  • I’ve seen them in the store but had questions about them. Thanks for posting this, now I’m definitely going to pick up a pair!

  • Markie

    Nice idea! I already keep the Gap black leather flats that roll up (know what im even talking about?) in my purse but these might be better!

  • OOO I got these for New Year’s Eve– it was friggin’ cold and I had to walk from the hotel to the bars. I put one in each of my coat’s pockets, and just carried my heels, lol. Such a great idea!! And way better than going barefoot..

  • SanTara

    what?!!! how did i miss this? i am going to grab a pair this week. i’m the opposite, i have a very high arch so i can’t stay in heels for a really long time or PAIN!

    • Brittany

      Girl, yes…you’ll definitely be needing these!

  • Ahhhhh I love it!! YOu so did yours way before me! My butt just discovered em!!

    • Brittany