Amor de Lacquer: Emery boards vs crystal nail files

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The other day one of my homegirls asked me which I preferred; emery boards or crystal nail files. While I have both, I lean more towards one than the other. Know which one that is?

I am team crystal nail files all the way! Aside from being greener and re-usable, they leave my nails in such better condition than emery boards. And while I know crystal nail files can be a bit on the pricey side ($8 for the one from Sephora), they last for quite some time. The only down side about these kids is that they break on a dime. Exhibit A.

Yeah, whoever said they didn’t lied. The good news is, you can still use them even if they break.  Now if they shatter on the floor in the middle of a Macy’s, that’s another story. I still keep emery boards (especially cute Hello Kitty ones) around for alternatives.

Here is an excellent article about the pros and cons of emery boards and crystal nail files.

What team are you reppin’?

  • Crystal – I don’t like how emery boards can have the top design lift up after extensive use. But I’m trying to use all of mine up before I get crystal ones. No more shopping for me

    • Brittany

      Yo Yaya go!!

  • muffin

    walgreens has double sided crystal files (not the crappy plastic coated acrylic crystal look a likes) for 99 cents! (not on sale, regular price!!) i bought 4… and i’ve had one (single side frosted) from sally’s for 3 years, and hubby just broke it trying to fish a coin out of a vending machine lol next best i think are metal… both have their good points, crystal is a finer grit and leaves less sharp edges and metal ones can be used to clean those spurrs from filing from under the nail tip

    • Brittany

      You know what? I forgot Walgreens those! I saw them once and purchased two. Haven’t seen them since.

  • Oh I learned something. I wondered about those. What do you think of the metal nail files? Those are old school I know but I do have them :-)

    • Brittany

      Those are super throwback, uh? I’ve never used them. In fact, I’ve only seen them at my Grandparents houses. LOL!

  • Melany

    I usually use emery boards, but I just bought an adorable Nail Tek crystal file. I found it at an outlet store for around $3.99.

    While I really like the crystal file, I’m not going to give up the emery boards!

    • Brittany

      I agree! I just can’t part with the emery boards.