Amor de Lacquer: Hello Kitty Beauty nail art and polish

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Of course I had to show the nail goodies from the Hello Kitty Beauty collection some love. Let’s take a look at the nail stickers.

Yep, you can squeal now.

The cute factor doesn’t end with this collection. And I love that nails were included. If you’re not a make-up girl, chances are you’ll give the nail goodies a glance. I HAD to grab the stickers. I’ve had Hello Kitty on the nails before via konad so I was excited to these out.

It didn’t say so on the online description but these stickers are paper. No me gusta. They do okay for short-term wear. Given that you don’t bathe, wash your hands or go anywhere near water. And even if you apply a top coat over them, they will still deteriorate pretty quickly. Which is sad because they are just darling!

And after I washed my hands…

It started to peel away. :( These stickers are only $5 so I’m not too bummed out. Still, I’m not sure if they are a MUST in this collection. You can, of course, place them on tangible items.

Then there are the polishes.

I only grabbed one. And yes, I’ll totally admit that I only purchased Pink Sprinkles because of the name. Pink Sprinkles has 6 other siblings that range from pinks to glitters, a yellow and blue. I only grabbed this for the packaging. I didn’t expect much in terms of product performance.

The bottles are itty bitty and make for tough use by big kid hands.

I layered this over a silver nail polish and it’s faint and opaque.

I’d snag these only if you need to add the cute factor to your nail polish collection. They run for $10 a pop. Look for ’em at Sephora stores and on

Who wants HK on their nails? 8)