Sista Show-Off: Last Lash, A Blogger With Trich

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Where can you find you find a beauty blogger with trichotillomania who is documenting her up’s, down’s, struggles and successes with trich? Over at Last Lash.

Not familiar with what trichotillomania is? Defined as the compulsion to pull out one’s hair, it can have sufferers painfully removing their eyebrows, eye lashes and hair on other parts of their bodies. What I love most about Annelise is her courage to blog about her life-altering condition.

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I feel honored to feature Annelise and her blog on Clumps of Mascara. She and I have been emailing back and forth for months. You know, just chattin’ about beauty stuff here and there. The minute she told me she wanted to blog about her trich, I was beyond excited. It’s easy to feel sorry for yourself when you have a condition that you CAN’T help. But not Annelise. She has decided to control her urges by blogging about beauty and she’s been succeeding!

Annelise is a true example of how impactful blogging can be. By holding herself accountable by regularly posting pictures, she takes us through lash extensions, growth serums and everything in between. And she keeps it real with her readers. If she’s having a tough week, she’ll say so. And did I mention that she does beautiful nail art too? She’s a a power woman if I’ve ever seen one. Check out her blog Last Lash and tell her B sent you!

Keep up the great work, Annelise! You’re an inspiration to so many!

Thanks Kelli. 8)
  • Leah

    I suffer from trich as well. She’s got a new reader in me.

    • Brittany

      That’s great! The more support, the better!