LUSH’s Fizzy O’Therapy bath bomb

LUSH dominated most of the gifts that I gave away this Christmas. You’re familiar with LUSH, aren’t you? I’ve known about them for years now and I don’t know what happened but a LUSH bug must have bit me because now I’m obsessed. I want LUSH everything. But it’s better to give than to receive, right? Hence why I hooked up Mama Clumps with the Fizzy O’Therapy bath balm. I wrapped it up all pretty and put it in her stocking.

I mean, honestly…how wonderful are these things? Have you ever tried one? Mama Clumps enjoyed hers immensely. She’s an avid bath-time gal. She takes one every day. I dropped in this bath bomb for her and of course she wants more. I mean, who wouldn’t? It turns the water orange!

Or urnge if you’re from the South. This bomb is infused with ginger, cinnamon, clove bud oil and other goodness. And it’s vegan. And it’s only only $4.95. I want all of them. No lie.

Have you ever tried LUSH’s bath bombs? Got any favs? Stay tuned. I recently bathed with a LUSH bath bomb and oh oh oh oh oh oh ohmigosh.

Yep, it was that serious. 8)

  • Lavendar

    I just love bath stuff! I got a set from Carol’s daughter for Christmas and I’m totally hooked on it. It smells so delicious. I will definitely have to give Lush a try soon, but for now I’m smelling like sugar-dipped vanilla. Mmmm mmmm good!

    • Brittany

      I got a CD set for Christmas too. Will definitely be featuring that!

  • Leita

    I placed an order with Lush UK on the 28th of December to take advantage of a freebie. I never buy from them otherwise because then my frugal mind refuses to justify the purchase. >_< But since it's a once-a-year treat for me that comes with a surprise goodie box, it's okay to splurge! (… a little.) I can't wait for my order to get here!

  • E

    I LOVE LUSH!! I use the products often, and the Sex Bomb is my favorite. I also like the Karma soap and their solid fragrances.

    • Brittany

      Haven’t tried the Sex bomb yet. That’s next on my list!

  • Porschia

    LUSH is amazing! U have to try the butterball its an essential bath bomb. I also enjoy Sex Bomb and the Blackberry Bomb. Some of them have cool stuff inside but are a b to clean lol so beware of that.

  • I used a bath bomb before and my skin felt like BUTTER when I got out. And they smell divine. Thanks for this post… I need to get some more of those in my life.

    • Brittany

      Let me know which one you scoop up. I’ve been loving them like crazy.

  • hmmm…. great way to pamper yourself :) looks so fluffy and cushy