Mascara Monday: Maybelline Hello Kitty Volum’ Express Cat eyes mascara

I thought long and hard about reviewing mascara. Because I love y’all, I didn’t want you to be all upset at me for reviewing a mascara that MOST of you will not be able to find. This mascara is (or was…not sure if they are still selling it or not) exclusive to Asia. And then I thought about it. There have been several mascaras that I’ve reviewed that have been exclusive to the U.S. Which, I’m sure, left my International sisters fuming somethin’ serious.

Plus this mascara is just TOO cute to not be added to the Mascara Bin.

But even with her cuteness, was this mascara a winner?

Price: I have NO idea. A few folx on Ebay are selling it anywhere from $16-$39.

Packaging (brush wand): 5 out of 5

Overall: 4 out of 5

What It Claims: Don’t know this either as mine did not come in its original packaging.

The Truth: N/A

What I Loved About It: The wand is by far one of my favorite types of wands. It makes for perfect separation! It reminds me of my beloved Lash Stylist mascara.

What I Didn’t Like: The formula was a little thick so it made it tough to apply a second coat without running into some clumping.

Overall: Okay, go and ahead and brace yourself for the whining that is going to come in the next few sentences. It’s not fair, Maybelline! Why isn’t this mascara made available everywhere?  But yes, perhaps my biggest complaint about this mascara is that it was not released everywhere. I will swallow my disappointment and know that my International girls go through the same thing when brands release exclusive to U.S. only products. And I know that happens quite often.

But still…

Simply put, the mascara rocks. Because of the Lash Stylist-like wand, you are able to use the wiggling method to comb each and every lash. Wands like this are perfect for separation, definition and lengthening, but they aren’t the best for volumizing. But even a volume lover like myself was pleased .

As mentioned earlier, because the formula is somewhat thick, I ran into some problems when applying my second coat. Because of this, I think this can be considered a one-coat only mascara. Additional coats may send you to Clumps Ville. But the good news is, this mascara is waterproof. And perhaps that’s why the formula is thicker than the average mascara. I didn’t experience any flaking whatsoever and it stayed put all day.

But of course it would. Hello Kitty don’t play. 8)

Bare Lashes

Lashes with 1 Coat of Mascara

Would I recommend it?: Of course! If you manage to find this and you are a Hello Kitty fan, I recommend purchasing two. One to keep (after all, it is limited edition) and one to use. It’s a GREAT mascara.

Has anyone in the U.S. managed to get their hands on this? Whatcha think? And what about my Asian sisters? Love? Hate?

Many thanks to Lisa and those of you that offered to send this over to me for review. Lu-lu-love you!

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  • Yes! I’ve been waiting for you to review this one. I really really want to buy it via Ebay, but those wands are just not my favorite. I think it would be just one for the collection. And you’re right, one coat does the trick!

    Thanks, B!

  • Kayla

    This looks like an awesome mascara! I am adding this to my wish list! It is a bit clumpy looking, but overall it looks fab!Thanks so much for reviewing this! I’ve been waiting for it for a while!

  • Acy

    I have this mascara I bought it at Singapore. It’s a really awesome mascara and the packaging is cute too! The comb really separates the strands and its thick viscosity adds to the thickening illusion for the lashes. :) I would recommend that you buy this!

  • frckls

    I’ve been loving this baby for a few months now. I have good curl, but no length or volume whatsoever (my hair is kinda curly but fine), like almost transparent. This mascara gives jet black bushy lashes I lack of. Although for length I still have to depend on Kiss Me Heroine Make Long & Curl Mascara (a Japanese brand). Really good to kick up my lashes by 300%. Only maybe if you see me in person, you’ll ask “What 300% ??”. You really have to see my bare lashes, you’ll cry out of sympathy. I still get questions from my friends, though. :)

    • Brittany

      Kiss Me Heroine sounds amaziiiiing!

  • Lynnette

    I just ordered two more tubes of this mascara from They don’t have the Hello Kitty packaging but its the mascara I am interested in. Cost was $12 per tube. I already have a tube at home that I use everyday but I was afraid I would suddenly not be able to find it anymore. LOVE this mascara! The comb wand is terrific for separating the lashes and it stays put all day.

  • Bought 4 of these when I went over Hong Kong last December – LOVE LOVE LOVE. Now I am back in UK I am dreading the day these run out.

    I am Chinese and have almost NO eyelashes but these helped to miraculously lengthen and volumise my little stubbers :) My tiny lashes are also annoying straight – but this mascara helps to help the curl in place after I’ve clamped my lashes with my Shu Uemura curlers.

    Truly waterproof (proof – fell flat on my face into a pile of powdery snow before I managed to put on snow goggles on a snowboarding trip and mascara stayed put 100%). Amazing.

    Agree with Britanny that it’s difficult to apply a second coat without clumping.

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  • jen

    so keen to try! (off ebay lol) stumbled across your youtube yesterday, gonna love you forever now. i’m going to find a few of the more affordable mascaras on your “the best” list :)

  • Julie

    OMG Lash Stylist was one of my very favorite mascaras, I was so disappointed to find out that it was to be discontinued. I am a huge HK fan, and Hello Kitty + Lash Stylist would be my match made in heaven!

  • Dee

    Brittany…there is a new Volume Express mascara out, “cat Eyes”, that you posted on Instagram. Is that the US version of this mascara you reviewed last year?

    Dee @disneyinatweet

    • Brittany

      Nope, that mascara and this mascara are different as THIS one is an Asian-exclusive mascara.

      • Dee

        Gotcha. By the way, have you had a chance to try and review this new one? I really like it!