Amor de Lacquer: OPI Katy Perry collection + crackle polish

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I’m not even gonna lie. I like Katy Perry. And that says a lot about me because I don’t like ANY new music. I am usually that friend that changes the radio station in my car the minute I hear a bit of Rihanna or Lady Gaga or Nicki Mi–*shutters*. But Katy Perry? I can get down with her. And it makes sense why she’d do a collabo with OPI. Her nail polish looks and designs are always fun and edgy. I managed to grab 3 of the 5 polishes from her collection.

…but something tells me that I should go back and get the other two.

I usually get my polishes from the trusty, but with the collection being sold out and their shipping prices going up (total fail, TransD…total fail), I was forced to do something that I hardly do when it comes to purchasing nail polish…

Buy at regular price.

I know,  I know. It was tough for me too. I managed to find these at JC Penny for $8.50 a pop and while the cheapie in me wanted the other two colors, I only allowed myself to get three. Teenage Dream was one of them.

I knew this color would be super sheer but seeing it on Scrangie’s site (what up, Scrange?!)  made me realize that I had to have it. This, perhaps, is the one downfall of visiting Scrangie’s site. Her beautiful swatches make you feel like you have to own every nail polish she features. While I didn’t do swatches of Teenage Dreams solo, I like it A LOT as a layering polish. Although a glitter, it seems to have a holographic effect. And you know how us nail polish fanatics feel about holographic polishes. It’s serious.

Next up is The One That Got Away.

I really didn’t NEED this color. I probably have something like this in my collection but for some reason it was just calling my name. It can be best described as a burgundy with a ton of high shine hot pink . And I do mean high-shine. It’s stunning  and although it may be dupe-able I am so glad I scooped it up. Do you see Teenage Dream on the ring finger?

And then there’s Black Shatter which I named “crackle polish” in the title. Crackle polish ain’t nothin’ new to the game. I remember using it back in 6th grade. That was back when people disposable cameras and blogs weren’t popular yet so unfortunately I was unable to tell y’all about it then. But it’s back and this trend is poppin’ off left and right. It’s simple.

Apply a thin layer of Black Shatter over any polish and watch it begin to crackle (or shatter) right before your eyes.

I used NYC New York Color Pink Promenade Creme as my base color for this look. Except for the pointer where I used two coats of Teenage Dream. I wasn’t THAT impressed. It looked a little “off” to me. So I tried again, this time using The One That Got Away.

…and with no flash.

Better. Much better. The crackling effect seems to look a whole lot better when a OPI color is used. Or maybe NYC New York Color’s Pink Promenade Creme just wasn’t down with the program. I’m not sure. Either way I’m lovin’ the crackle effect. Because it tends to dry with a matte finish  (which doesn’t look too bad actually), I applied Poshe’ top coat over it. The extra shine really gives the look some kick.

Using the crackle polish can be tricky. Especially if you have long and wide nail beds like me. The trick is too move quickly and to prevent yourself from having to layer the polish. This is evitable if you have wide nail beds so I tend to start on the left or right side of my nail bed instead of the middle. You may end up polishing the middle again but that’s okay. That will not prevent the crackling. But can you apply two coats of crackle polish? Of course you can but the crackling may not be as noticeable. So try your hardest to stick with one, mkay?

Of course now I’ll be crackling my nails for the next few weeks. If you’re not in the mood to spend close to $9 for this polish, I say hang tight. Another brand will more than likely debut a crackle polish as well. And hopefully it’ll be cheaper for us cheep cheep birds.

Whatcha think? Have you tried crackle polishes yet?

Polish Pretty,

  • i want this polish so bad. it looks good on everyone. not looking forward to searching all over for this tho…

    • Brittany

      JCP, Ulta and maaaaybe Sally Beauty should have it.

  • Toya

    You know what B (Your my friend in my head so I feel like I can call you B)…I am starting to dislike you! Everything you post I feel I need to have!!! LOL. I just love that crackle Polish and now I am going to be all over the place looking for it. Love it with “The One that got Away”…..

    • Brittany

      Hahaha, I love you too.

  • Lots of love to you! Your Shatter + One That Got Away mani is so awesome!

    • Brittany

      Thanks Scrange. Keep on rockin’!

  • KDJ

    OMG I was feeling like i was the only one who turned the station when these non musicians pollute the airwaves!(weeps with relief)
    and gotta get teen dream nothing else will do!

    • Brittany

      Ohmigoodness, NO! I’m just not a fan of much music now and days. Yessss, Teenage Dream and NEWD are amazing!

  • Darlene

    You are making me want to go back to Ulta and get Teenage Dream and The One That Got Away! lol :)

    • Brittany

      Get ’em!

  • LOVE OPI Shatter & Katy Perry…

    I snagged two bottles of the Black Shatter (Crackle) and Teenage Dream from the CosmoPro so they were only $4.25 a piece…I don’t usually get ornate with my nails but I wanted to do an accent nail with the Shatter. It looks amaaayzzzing. I layered it over Revlon Top Speed Pink Lingerie (a bubble gum pink). The key as Brit said is moving fast when you paint and making sure your base color is completely DRY.

    I just read China Glaze is gonna jump on the Crackle bandwagon too with more crackling colors than black…so there will be choice and the cost will be lower.

    OPI’s Shatter is also available in a duo pack with Serena William’s Tennis Ball colored Green (not sure what her color is called).

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  • TDA

    I bought the black shatter polish the weekend it came out, because I was so excited to try it…I love it! I didn’t love the price, because I don’t normally buy $9 nail polish, but I had to get it. And I’m able to use it with different brands like Rimmel or Sally Hansen and it works great!

  • I SO want Black Shatter! Thanks for the show and tell!

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  • Emily

    ‘The One That Got Away’ looks really good with ‘Teenage Dream’ over it! : )

  • Volleyballdivax3

    i wish this shit wasnt so damn expensive.