POLL: Oprah’s OWN Network. You watchin’?

Happy Saturday, lovelies! I just left from having a fabulous lunch with Mommy and travel blogger Lee over at My Sentiments Exactlee. Yep, Orlando has a network of mega cool bloggers.

Lee has inspired me in many ways and while I’ve been thinking about it for a few months, it’s only been recently when I’ve decided to take Clumps to a new level. Beyond beauty. New series and different features. Starting with polls!

On my way back home I got a radio plug for Oprah’s OWN Network. I’m not much of a TV watcher so I can’t say for sure or not if I’ll be tuning it. But what about you?

[polldaddy poll=4358210]

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  • kia

    why am i seriously shocked at your poll results. i love oprah all day. THOUGH, i’m a little surprised by her lack of woc show hosts. :/ gayle is the only one… im still tuning in though!

  • kia

    lisa ling is a woc too.. can’t forget her 😉

    • Brittany

      I don’t think Oprah really appeals to our demographics. Not to say she doesn’t touch on SOME topics that affect us but I’ve never felt the need to watch the talk show. It’s a bit of a snooze-fest to me. Either way, I’ll still check out the network within the 1 hour a week I watch TV. 8)

  • kia

    she may not appeal to our demographic, but she can fit the bill.. i love auntie O. she has such feel good shows! a little salty about your snooze fest comment hahaaa!