Amor de Lacquer: My First Bottle of Chanel

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I almost did a cartwheel when I unwrapped some Chanel polishes this past Christmas. I’ve tried several brands of nail polish but only a handful of luxury brands. And while I’ve always wanted to try Chanel, I just couldn’t justify buying a $25 of le vernis. As much as I love nail polishes, come on, yo…$25 is a lot for ONE bottle. Or am I cheap? Probably the latter. 8)

Gotta love when people can read your mind and get your desires for you. 😀

So how awesome is Paradoxal? Hit the jump to see if it met my expectations.

I felt like some kind of diva using this polish. I know, I know…I shouldn’t be acting all honorary just for using a Chanel polish but since that polish was as close as I was going to get to Chanel anything, I lived it up.

It’s a stunning color, right? It could be described as dusty plum. In fact, it looks more vibrant in the bottle than it does on the nails. And I definitely wouldn’t file it under my “Favorites”.

It’s just okay. I wanted more. And do you see that chipping on my middle nail? That’s only after 1 day of wear. Come on, Chanel darling…you’ve got to do better than that. And while I probably don’t have a color like this in my collection, I’m not sure if I would have gotten it for myself.

But I absolutely LOVE my family for scooping it up for me. They rock.

Have you tried any Chanel polishes? Whatcha think?

Polish Pretty,

  • I adore this color! I purchased it a while back and though it’s pretty. I didn’t like that it and other Chanel polishes chipped so fast on me, for 23-25 bucks I wanted it to stay put forever. LOL

  • Hi

    Back in the 90’s Chanel Vamp was all the rage but I couldn’t justify the price then and I can’t now. Although Chanel does come out with some HOT colors.

    Pretty color!

    Funny you bought this one up because Revlon has a dupe for it called “Perplexed” I was shopping at Big Lots over the weekend and picked it up for a $1.00. The color was so pretty that I Googled it and that’s how I found out it was marketed as the inexpensive substitute for Paradoxal.

    I also saw that the Revlon color was hard to find and that it was going on EBAY for $15-$19. Of course my research prompted me to go right back to Big Lot’s and grab a couple more bottles.

    It’s a pretty color but I’ll stick to the Revlon version. I’m a junkie but I’m only gonna spend so much for a “hit” LOL