Food Yum: California Pizza Kitchen’s veggie pizza

A lot of people assume it, but I’m not a vegetarian. Once upon a time I used to be one. And although I consume (and love) poultry and fish twice a week or so, I still choose vegetarian options when they are available. Such was the case at California Pizza Kitchen. I’ve tried several of their pizzas but the roasted veggies with goat cheese was by far the best!

Girlfriend, yes. This pizza rocked my world.

But let’s start from the beginning. Despite having a green smoothie for breakfast, I was starving and wanting to share hummus and pita chips with my guy. And so we ordered the hummus but substituted regular pita chips for the honey wheat ones.

It was good. I’ve had better hummus though. I prefer my hummus to be on the thicker and chunkier side. But it was still tasty.

Yeah. And when the pizza arrived, I practically fell out of my seat. Look at all those delicious veggies!

The pizza was seasoned to perfection with fresh Italian parsley. And the goat cheese added such a wonderful smoky flavor. I know, I know. This lactose intolerant chica shouldn’t even be eating cheese. But I was sure to take my Lactaid ahead of time and I drank 2 glasses of lemon water.

Water is so so good. My friends always think I’m being cheap when I don’t order a soda or juice when we go out to eat. But I much prefer drinking water. And yeah…the fact that water is free doesn’t hurt either. 😀 .

Any California Pizza Kitchen lovers in the house? And how cliche is it that the first time I had CPK was in…California. Ha!!

  • jordan

    Being lactose intolerant sucks but goat cheese shouldn’t bother you since it doesn’t have lactose. I’m kinda glad I’m lactose intolerant since it helped me discover my love for goat cheese yummmm. That pizza looks so good, love CPK

    • Brittany

      Yep! Goat cheese is nowhere near as harsh on my tummy as cow cheese/milk. Goat cheese=love.

  • khalilswife

    I love CPK…hardly eat there…it’s hard to convince people to go there…but I’m glad to know that they have a veggie pizza…sounds delish!

  • Christine

    YUM cpk!! the japanese eggplant veggie pizza is SO GOOD too! you should try it! i’m not sure if it has cheese though..
    but i always get water too! it’s better for you and you can spend more calories on the tasty food rather then sodas 😉

    • Brittany

      Will definitely be trying that one next. And right you are! I’ve never been a soda fan. I refuse to drink my calories…and the diet sodas just taste yucky to me.

  • Joanne_

    mmmmmm, looks yummy, I’ve never heard of CPK, now I am on the hunt for one in Tally. lol

    • Brittany

      Girl, as I Tallahassee native, I can tell you now–they ain’t got one. :(

      • Joanne_

        BOOOO! lol

  • Lee

    Calling you tomorrow because HELLO we need to go eat this pizza together. But actually, have you ever eaten at Mellow Mushroom? Kosmic Karma best pizza in the world, I’m not kidding. You in?


    • Brittany

      Noooo, haven’t heard of that place! You know I’m in!