5 Crazy Things I Did Over The Weekend

In attempts to save money, I have been spending a great deal of my weekends IN Orlando. The old B would gas up the car and head down to Miami just about two times a month. But with gas prices hittin’ $3.40 *faints* I have been finding some things to do here in the city I live in. Hence why I’ve voluntarily turned myself into a mini-restaurant and attractions around Orlando blogger.

This weekend has already been off to a grand ole’ time. Check out FIVE crazy things that I’ve done or seen.

#1 Took pictures of Michael Jordan’s back at Vines Bar & Grille.

Completely random, right? Yes, I knew his son attended the University of Central Florida here in Orlando, but who knew he would drop in at the same restaurant that I was dining at and sit RIGHT across from me?

I’d have more pictures if the Manager requested that we didn’t take pictures. Telling a blogger to not take a picture is like telling me NOT to write for a week. Yeah, bud…that ain’t happenin’. And at least I turned my flash off. The lady in front of me took a dozen pictures of him with a flash as bright as the sun. Sheesh.

#2 Ordered goat cheese at two restaurants in two days.

I not only ordered goat cheese on a date night at Houlihan’s but I also ordered it the next day at a meeting at Taste in College Park.

The obsession has got to end.

#3 Tossed flowers in water glasses for a photoshoot.

I know my parents taught me better. I’m too old to be playing with garnishings at a dinner table. But how awesome is that picture?

#4 Ran from birds at Lake Eola Park.

The picture doesn’t show it but there were at least 290,000 birds that day at Lake Eola. I ran like my life depended on it. I think that whole ‘being attacked by seagulls at the beach as a kid’ thing flashed in my head.

#5 Ate a gluten-free cupcake at a stop light.

Poor cuppy cake. It didn’t stand a chance. After hearing about Natural Delights, a black-owned gluten-free and vegan bakery in Winter Park, I HAD to check it out. I inhaled that kid in 70 seconds at a light. So sad.

Do you have any crazy adventures in your city? Do you love where you live or are you workin’ hard to move away? I used to be on this anti-Orlando tip but since taking the time to explore it, Orlando isn’t a half bad place for a local.

Enjoy what’s left the weekend!!

  • Jen

    Mmmm goat cheese. Yummy!

    I literally laughed out loud at “took pictures of Michael Jordan’s back”–that always makes for a fun weekend activity 😀

  • oh, how i love goat cheese! surprisingly, alot of ppl don’t like it, at least my friends don’t and always look at me so crazy when i eat it. lol NOT take a pic!? well, why not!? phssssshh…..o_O
    great pics!!

    • Brittany

      Thanks darling. And yes, only few folx like goat cheese. 😉

  • Sounds like a great weekend!

    I want that cupcake. It looks super delicious, and I haven’t had a cupcake in almost 2 years since I gave up gluten.

    • Brittany

      I see a lot of gluten-free products and restaurants popping up these days. Which is awesome!

  • Oh my! And I thought gas at $3.25 was a crime against nature. I too have taken the plunge and decided to explore my little town of McDonough, GA and it isn’t getting me anywhere :( I may just have to get NetFlix because I refuse to go broke over gas o_0

    • Brittany

      Yes, these gas prices are just WRONG!!!

  • Laurie

    These gas prices are crazy, imagine filling up three cars, oy!!!

    B-gluten free cupcakes, do they taste the same as a regular cupcake? Recently diagnosed with a gluten intolerance so need to change up everything

    • Brittany

      Ummm, I think gluten-free things taste differently…not in the BEST way but I could deal with it if I had to. I think you’ll be just fine. There are a lot of gluten-free products out now!

  • Elle

    The pics of MJ cracked me up. I live in Chicago and I work across the arena where the Bulls practice…if only I could have worked here during the days of MJ :) And you are making me crave goat cheese like crazy! Love the blog!

    • Brittany

      Goat cheese is loooove!