Central Florida fair and…donut burgers?

Soooo, I went to the fair this past weekend and uh…it was an interesting experience. I think I’ve become such a snob. The fair used to be all about greasy food, rides that were intended to make you barf and games made you spend all of your money. And it’s still that. Except now…it bothers me. Take this for example…

W.T.F is that? Hit the jump to see some of the other interesting things I saw at the fair.

I hate that I’ve become such a food snob. Granted I’m no vegan or vegetarian but I still try to be heath-conscious. Corn dogs and burgers sandwiched between donuts are SO not up my alley. And fried PB&J?

Greasy fries loaded with vinegar and ketchup, however?

Yeahhhh mon! $10 will get you in the fair but an extra $10 will get you an unlimited ride band. That’s IF you get it at the entrance. If you get inside and decide that you want to ride, they jack the prices up. Rides cost a good 2-5 tickets to ride and are $5 for 4 tickets. Not a good deal if you want to ride more than one attraction. I didn’t ride anything because things like this…

…will make me pass out. And things like this…

…are for kids. Don’t judge me. I love slides! I didn’t play any games either.

The fair game prices have sky rocketed! $5 to throw a ball? Call me Cheap-O Creepy-O but I think not. I did watch a group of performers from East Africa do cool tricks like a human jump rope.

And some of the bands were actually pretty good too. I also drank TWO huge cups of lemonade.

I should have been drinking water because everyone knows lemonade makes you even MORE thirsty, right? A huge bag of cotton candy and I was ready to go in under 2 hours.

Any fair lovers? Orlando peeps, check out the website for deets.

  • I’ve heard of the Donut Burger before! It’s actually called the Luther Burger (yes named after *that* Luther).

    • Brittany

      Yeah, I’ve heard of it before too but I did NOT know that they were actually selling these things like…fo real, fo real. I was so disturbed. R.I.P Luther.

  • Ebony

    I had the donut burger…and let me just say…AWESOMENESS! It was so good. Its the only thing I had to eat at the fair. I even passed up my funnel cakes and fried oreo’s just because I knew the burger would be a beast. I wouldnt eat something like that everyday. But the fair only comes around once a year so I figured why not. And you right B, those prices for games and rides are getting to be a little much.

    • Brittany

      I’ve heard a lot of people say that it isn’t that bad. And right you are! You only live once. Hence why I inhaled those greasy fries like my life depended on it. LOL!

  • I am so sad I missed out on the fair this year. I wanted to go but couldn’t. I guess that is a good thing because I really only wanted to eat. I just couldn’t do the donut burger. My hubby just told me they have fried Pepsi. People are frying everything. Twinkies, Oreos. I just couldn’t do that.

    • Brittany

      Yeah, I’m a fair foodie too but there are just some things that my stomach won’t let me do. Fried Pepsi? Stoooop!!

  • Lex

    Ha! I was in Orlando this weekend and started to go the fair and changed my mind LOL. That food would’ve did me in SMDH. My aunt went 3x just for the food LOL. That brings back the memories of dressing alike and getting numbers…at the fair LOL. These type of posts have me thinking about moving back.

    • Brittany

      Come back to Orlando, sis!!!

  • tia

    Paula Dean made a version of the donut burger on her show once and of course Paula would have you thinking a bowl of rocks taste good. But now that I think about it I think Paula makes a sandwich out of anything, whether she uses donuts or waffles. It may all taste good going down, but when its time to come out it may be something serious.

    • Brittany

      I love Paula Dean but that woman fries just about every darn thing. But right you are. Paula is super convincing. I just love her Southern Charm. Hey y’all! 8)