Milani Lip Flash pencils=LOVE

I’ve had my eyes on those Milani Lip Flash pencils for quite some time. I finally dropped a good $6.99 on one at Walgreens and it’s taking EVERYTHING in me to not go back and scoop up more. This pencil is ah-freaking-mazing!

Okay, I’ll calm down…

First things first, here’s what Milani says about ’em.

“The electric lip look is defined with highly pigmented flashy shimmer colors. Create news worthy lips with extra glossy, high color coverage and moisture rich ingredients. A sharpenable, easy to use, anti-feathering and nontacky lip gloss pencil.” (source)

I was a bit skeptical, at first. Because just HOW moisturizing could a jumbo lip pencil be? Girl…it almost feels better than your average lip gloss. I’m not lyin’. I grabbed the shade In A Flash and was shocked at how pigmented it was.

Not bad, uh? It almost reminded me of MAC’s Fantabulous Dazzleglass. Minus the super glossy effect. It did well on the lips too.

A few days have passed and I am still wearing In A Flash. Then I realized it was getting a little low on me. Um, just exactly how am I supposed to sharpen this thing?

Good thing I just HAPPENED to have a NYX sharpener around as a regular sharpener was a little too small. I didn’t recall seeing any Milani sharpeners at Walgreens so I think this would be a better buy if they did have them available. Or even better, a built-in sharpener!

In the meantime, I’ll be picking a few more of these up. I am in love! Even more so because I can just toss them in my purse and keep on truckin’…

Have y’all tried these yet? If you are having a hard time finding them in your drugstores, you can buy them online. Hollers!

  • I’m so going out to get some TODAY. Thx hun.

    • Brittany

      Let me know how you like them. 😉

  • Toya

    You know I saw these just last week and I was skeptical….But now I gotta try it! Thx

    • Brittany

      I was skeptical about them for awhile too. Ha!

  • Angela

    I got the complete set of these as a prize. I LOVE them! Even the baby pink color, Star Flash, which I thought would not work with my chocolate complexion. But I am having a problem finding a sharpener for them. I guess I’ll try the NYX sharpener too.

    • Brittany

      Soooo, I’ll definitely be picking up Star Flash!

  • Jolly

    So happy you reviewed these. I was just reading a/b them in the Good Housekeeping March edition and they were giving good reviews as well! Going to get me one today! Thanks luv! Love your site!

    • Brittany

      Thanks Jolly! These kids are definitely worth the good reviews!

  • Elizabeth D.

    You should check out the Essence pencil sharpeners at Ulta… the NYX jumbo eyepencils fit in there too! And the best part is that they’re only $1.49 and come in a variety of colors =)

    • Brittany

      Thank you so much for letting me know! I’ll be hitting up Ulta soon.

  • Love that color on you! Wish I could rock the purple, but alas, not so great with flaming red hair and lily-white skin, lol.

    These pencils are so great, I got the burgundy one as a stocking stuffer for Christmas, and I am seriously in need of more colors. The only thing I have to say against these is that mine tends to feather at the edges, so liner is a must, but in general I have nothing but love for these.

  • Ma’am I am going out today to get them..Walgreens here I come!!!!

    • Brittany

      Apologize to your wallet for me. LOL!

  • These pencils looks awesome! I saw some Milani stuff on clearance at Target so I picked up some eye pencils and nail art polishes.. no lip pencils though! Maybe I’ll have to try a different Target or just buy them from Walgreens. Love the color on you :)

    • look* I mean, not looks -_-

    • Brittany

      Ohhh, did someone say clearance?

  • Oh pretty!! I want! 😀

    • Brittany

      Get ’em all!

  • I’m buying a couple of these tomorrow =D

    • Brittany

      Woo hoo!!

      • I ended up buying In A Flash as well. I posted about it in my blog if you’re interested!