Creamy shadows for a Valentine’s Day look

Valentine’s Day. I know, I know. Some of us love it and the rest of us feel like crawling in a hole until February 14 comes and goes. The Love Dork that is me has always REALLY liked Valentine’s Day. And I like to go all out when it comes make-up and nails. If you’re looking for some awesome eye shadows, check out these lovely ones from Sephora.

Stunning right? But wait…

These kids are total winners in my book. While they are intended for eye shadows, I find that they work better as bases. And you have to work quickly because once they dry, they ain’t budgin’. The sponge-tip applicators may make for tough application. My suggestion? Dap a bit on your fingers and theeeeen apply the shadows on your lids. I’ll be doing an FOTD or two using these kids. They are surprisingly crease-less and fantabulous. Not bad for $20. You can scoop ’em up at Sephora stores or

Got any idea Valentine’s Day look ideas?

  • indayluvs

    The entire set was $20 but it was limited edition for the holidays and is no longer in stock. I had my eye on it when it first came out in November (I believe or early December) but didn’t get them because I was afraid the cream formula would crease up on my oil slick lids. Kinda glad I held off because more recent reviews were poor. Those swatches look so lovely though.

    On a related tangent – I purchased the Tarina Tarantino Starchild Odessey Palette instead and that is one fantabyulishious palette!! Sadly, it is no longer in stock either but if her other shadows/palettes are anything like Starchild – she gets my makeup love <3

    • Brittany

      Really? I saw these the other week in my Sephora. And quite a few of them at that. While they may not be online any more, looks like they still have them in the stores.

      • indayluvs

        My bad B – my nearest Sephora is like 20 miles away but I totally stalk their website Lol I guess sometimes I forget you can go to an actual Sephora store!