Guest Post: 5 Tips on Applying Mascara the Perfect Way

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5 Tips on Applying Mascara

the Perfect Way

Mascara is probably considered as a staple in makeup for many. However, only few of us know exactly how to apply mascara. Here are some tips I would like to share:

1. Flexi Wand

Bending the wand (not too much!) a little bit is the first thing to do. You can bend it at any angle that you feel comfortable with when applying.

2. The Root Technique

To make your eyes look bigger, make a line around your lashes by wiggling your wand gently at the root of your lashes.

3. Comb the Lumpy Clumps

One must have an eyelash comb preferably the ones made of steel. Use this to avoid having clumpy lashes by combing your lashes right after applying the mascara (while it’s wet, yes!), because you might end up pulling your lovely lashes when combing it dry.

4. 2 Become 1

Not everyone knows this but combining old mascara with a new one actually creates a lovely effect! Although not all mascaras go well together, I suggest using thickening mascara first then applying a lengthening one before it goes dry.

5. Choose Wisely

You should not believe all mascara advertisements out there, most of the photots are processed of course thanks to software like Phototshop! One must research about it if you plan to buy online and try the ‘testers’ if you’re going to buy from an actual cosmetic store.

  • Great post! I’ll have to try combining a few of my mascaras to see what I get- it’s going to be like chemistry class, but better!

    • Brittany

      Rock on!!

  • I always do number 3 and 4 it helps a lot, especially when using a clumpy mascara.

    • Brittany

      Riiiight! Peachy gave us awesome tips!

  • Hi there.
    A very useful informations.Thanks for this post, and for this 5 tips of using mascara, i like it.

    • Brittany

      Glad we could help!

  • LOVE this post! I know about all these things but its good you reminded me… I stopped layering my mascaras even though it worked perfectly! I’m going back to that.. i do need an eyelash comb though… where can i find a steel one?

    • Brittany

      e.l.f. has a great and super affordable one!

  • Cinnie

    I could not live without my Sonia Kashuk metal lash comb. For reals. Hands down, best cosmetic purchase I’ve ever made.

    • Brittany

      Can’t go wrong with anything from Sonia Kashuk. :)