Aveeno’s Continuous Protection sunblock. SPF 85?

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a lotion with so much coverage yo. This coming from someone who lives in a state where sunscreens and lotions are all over the shelves. I went to New Smyrna Beach this weekend (I later found out it was the shark bite capital of the world. Eeek!) and forgot to pack my sunscreen. Don’t give me that look. You do know brown people have SHOULD swear sunscreen and blocks, right? In fact, everyone with skin should be wearing it. I ran to a Walgreens and picked up whatever looked decent.

Did it do the trick?

I am quite familiar with the Aveeno brand but I never understood why they used the term “natural”. Aside from the earth tone-esque packaging, ingredient-wise, there doesn’t seem to be anything too natural about it. Which is fine with me, but I think this is a case of branding fooling the consumer. But such is the case with many brands, right? Speaking of those ingredients, here’s what you’ll find…

Triethan-what-a? Uh, yeah…I couldn’t figure it out either. Quite frankly, my only concern was getting SOME kind of coverage on my skin so I didn’t get my ingredient snob on. It looks and feels like any other sunblock.

Although it didn’t smell like your typical one. And that’s a good thing! It was lightly fragranced and lasted throughout my splashes in the ocean. I got it for a little under $12 and pleased. Just for fun, I want to try an a sunblock from a brand like Korres. I wonder if there is much of a difference from the all-natural brands and the conventional brands.

Do you find yourself to be an ingredient snob when it comes to sun protection? Or does it not matter?

  • Jordan

    ahhh I didn’t know new smyrna was the shark bite capital of the world!! I went there a few years ago when I visted my bff in orlando. I personally am not an ingredient snob esp when it comes to sunscreen I figure sunburn would be much worse than whatever those chemicals do. (i’m super pale like paper white)

    • Brittany

      I didn’t know it either. Luckily, I didn’t have any Jaws sightings. And right you are…something on the skin is better than nothing at all.

  • Gin

    I’m particular about my sunscreen ingredients, but I wouldn’t say I’m a snob–I just have easily-irritated skin. For my face, I want mostly natural, physical sunblock ingredients. For my body, I don’t care as much, but I avoid oxybenzone.

    • Brittany

      Yep, I’m the same way. For my face I used a sunscreen from Desert Essence.

  • I’m not an ingredient snob when it comes to sunscreen at all. I’m a snob about the spf number! (100+ all the way!)

    <a href="http://diaryofakinkycurlytransitioner.wordpress.com/&quot; Alice in Nappyland

  • Iā€™m not an ingredient snob when it comes to sunscreen at all. Iā€™m a snob about the spf number! (100+ all the way!)

    Alice in Nappyland

    • Brittany

      I’ve neeeever seen 100.

      • Elizabeth D.

        Neutrogena’s Ultra Sheer Sunblock has a spf 100!! My sister has it… ha. Don’t think it’s totally necessary though? The higher the spf, the thicker the formula… but it’s all a matter of how long you’ll be out and how often you want to reapply šŸ˜›

        • Elizabeth D.

          ** btw, you should be able to find that one at Target! :)

          • Brittany

            Thanks darin’!

  • McKenna

    Just because it says ‘natural’ doesn’t always mean it’s better. Tricks from the companies. šŸ˜› A lot of stuff is natural that is bad for you. I read somewhere to look out for oxybenzone in particular in sunscreens, along with retinal palimate (sp?) and look for zinc oxide and avobenzone instead.

    It is good to know though that this stuff doesn’t have that nasty sunscreen smell! If you do review natural sunscreens (I’d like to see Korres!) know that sometimes they can be reeeally greasy and a little goes a long way.

    • Brittany

      Very true! Quite frankly, the products that my dermatologist prescrive for my acne works A LOT better than any of the natural remedies that I’ve tried. I’ll be sure to stalk Korres to see if I can find a sunscreen for them. Thanks for the heads up!

  • I’m not an ingredient snob per say, but hardly ever use the “natural” products because I’m allergic to too many of the things in them (avocado, coconut, and wheat being the worst as far as reaction and how often they show up in things).

    I’m a total SPF snob though… I used spf 85 with application every 30 minutes-1 hour and still got a massive burn and sun poisoning… now I use SPF 100+ and cover up or avoid the sun completely.

    • Brittany

      Rock on. Protecting your pretty face from the sun is the most important thing.

  • emily

    sunscreen is the one thing I’m always an ingredient snob on. Kiss My Face only and always and if for some reason I forget it (which happened once or twice last summer guarding at the beach), I know all the natural alternatives from coconut oil (spf ~8, and I throw it in my hair before swimming to ward off dryness to explain why I had it and not sunscreen) to physically covering all my skin.

    • Brittany

      I use Desert Essence sunscreen on my face and absolutely LOVE it.

  • Kelly

    As far as SPF my understanding is that anything above 35 does no better than the 35. It just completely ceases to make a difference. (Though it is certainly not doing harm, so if you want to get the 100, go ahead!) I usually do 45. The thing is, I think no matter what you have to reapply if you want coverage all day, which is a pain and I never do it! (Bad, because my skin really is pretty sensitive to the sun.)

    I have used Aveeno before and am thinking of switching back because it did agree with my skin fairly well, and it wasn’t greasy and didn’t smell too strong. Did you find it to be rather thick? Usually with sunscreen one glob of the stuff will cover a pretty large area, but I remember with the Aveeno I had to use a lot more globs than usual.