Brown eyeliner. Yay or nay?

I love me some black eyeliner. Black liner helps to define the eyes and give you that dramatic look, right? Of course I love purple, green and blue on the waterline as well, but brown? Welp….there’s a first time for everything.

This Tarina Tarantino paraben-free eyeliner in Locket Book retails for $15 and can be scooped up at Sephora stores and Although pricey, I found it to feel nice and creamy on the skin.

I was diggin’ the gold specks in it too. And on the waterline?

Meh. I think I’ll stick with my black eyeliner for every day use. There’s something about it that makes me look more awake. Any fans of brown eyeliners on the waterline?

  • I actually like this one! I bought a brown liner a while back but it had a red tint to it so by the end of the day, it turned orange D-;

  • I could leave the brown eyeliner on the shelf. Give me black or navy blue any day!

  • Martha

    Every time I try to do brown eye liner, it only makes me look like I’m tired, which is weird since black liner makes me look awake. I do give it another shot every few weeks just to make sure because sometimes makeup surprises me and how I feel about a certain look changes too. But yeah, brown liner isn’t on my eye makeup’s starting lineup :(

  • Mica

    Actually I do love brown eyeliners! If you have small eyes like myself, I suggest you use it on the waterline. It gives you the smokey without the harshness. If you want a softer look, use it instead of black! If I want to look awake and alert without looking like I’m wearing makeup, I use it on my lower lash lines and a peachy pink in my waterline.

  • I love brown eyeliner, but only on days when I want to look super natural (i.e. those “No, I’m not wearing make-up days”)… and only ever with brown or brown/black mascara. I find it a nice alternative to black liner and mascara which can be a little too harsh at times.

  • Jordan

    Love brown eyeliner, I don’t even wear black though just grey, brown and navy. I think it looks good without being really noticeable

  • Cinnie

    NEVER on the waterline, unless you want your whites to be yellows. But otherwise, yes, like another commenter said: on “natural” days for brown-eyed girls, and on blue eyes at any time– makes them look bluer.

  • I bought some brown cream liner because it seemed like a good idea at the time but it was…so so. I now use it as an eyeshadow for when I need a base or if I want to do a brown smokey eye. Like you, I’ll stick to my black and sometimes brighter colors for every day use.

    • Brittany

      I’ve had a brown cream liner before and it definitely works better for a brown smoky eye than as a liner.

  • Nay of the brown eyeliner. It looks awful on me since I have dark eyelashes and dark eyebrows.

  • hmm

    I love bronze/brown eyeliners. But only on the upper lid. I also have light skin and blue eyes, so using black would be an overkill.

  • Stacy

    I’m not a brown eyeliner “lover” but I will use it from time to time. I use whatever brown one that comes in some of the UD palettes. Bourbon maybe? It doesn’t do so much on my waterline but I like it on my lash line. It has some sparkle in it so you still get a little zing even with a very natural look. I wouldn’t go out and buy one but when it comes with a shadow or something, I’ll give it a try.

  • Daria

    I love brown eyeliner – maybe because it’s the only thing my mom would let me wear when I first started wearing make-up. Now, I think it looks way less harsh on me than rimming with black pencil. I also wear black liquid liner quite a bit, but will also do a brown liquid liner for a less dramatic looking cat eye.

  • I love brown eyeliner! White liners look funny on me, so I use brown instead, it helps make my eyes look more awake.

  • I was excited to see this! The brown I like is Avon Glimmersticks in Cosmic Brown. I just wore it yesterday… not on the waterline though :)

  • auroragyps

    I almost never wear black liner, but I love to wear brown & lots of other colors. I’m pretty super pale, so I can wear light browns, for a more ‘no makeup’ look, or dark brown.

    Which Tarina Tarantino liner did you try? There are 2 on Sephora’s site, Locket Brown & Puppeteer, but I can’t really tell which from the pics. I’m guessing it’s Locket Brown, since you mention gold sparkle, which is what I like about it. I also see some green I think, so I think this may be a winner for me.

    • Brittany

      Yes ma’am. It’s definitely Locket Book. Durrr…I should have added that in the post. HA!

  • It’d have to be a super dark brown for me to like it. Might as well go black right? I think brown would look good on people with pale/light skin where you’d actually see a difference. If I had a choice, I would just stick with black.

    • Brittany

      Yeeep, me too!

  • I prefer brown eyeliner, definitely. Black is too harsh for my skin tone, I also love grey, plum, and olive green liner.

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  • Mehh, brown liner doesn’t do jack for me… Probably because I’m very brown? Black liner for the win!

  • Lindsey D

    I actually just bought Cargo’s Safari Kit, which has a “khaki” eyeliner that’s basically dark brown (a tiny, tiny hint of green) with gold shimmer. I’d never worn brown before, either, but I really like it. (I think it might be because I have blue in my eyes, though, everyone always raves about brown bringing out blue)

    • Brittany

      I definitely want to check out that CARGO kit!

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  • I never tried brown eyeliner until recently. I thought it looked nice but it definitely wasn’t me. Black or something really bright definitely is. :) *two thumbs up on the awesome post*

    • Brittany


  • I say nay! Think black liner shows up better especially on darker skin tones. Love me some black liquid liner! :)

    • Brittany

      Liquid liner in black is the BEST!!

  • Kira

    Instead of brown, try a gel bronze liner. I have light brown eyes, and bronze eyeliner makes them look bigger and sexier 😀

    • Brittany

      Oooooh, bronze eyeliner sounds pretty!

  • Rachell

    I’ve used it. I prefer black. It defines better w/my brown skin.

  • Kyna

    I just bought the Maybelline Gel Liner in ‘brown’ today, it was supposed to be black but I didn’t notice that it was actually brown D: I have never used any brown liners ever bcause I dont know what I will look like..

    Any tips?? Would brown liner suit me? I have dark brown eyes, black; eyebrows, lashes and hair..for short.. I’m a Filipino :)

    Also my mum said black liner is too harsh for me since I still go to high school and brown would look good on me, is my mum right? :/ I’m 14 btw