FOTD Friday: Really e.l.f.? 100 for only eyeshadows for $10?

If there is one brand the Clumps kids want to see more reviews of, it would be e.l.f. And rightfully so. After all, Clumps of Mascara is all about products for those new to makeup. And with e.l.f. having products that start at $1, why shouldn’t they be highlighted on the site? Right you are, sugar plums. Check out the video review and quick FOTD (face of the day) of one of my many e.l.f discoveries.

As an eyeshadow palette lover, I was excited about getting the opportunity to review this kid. This is by far the cheapest palette that I’ve reviewed. But does cheap and affordable always equal good quality?


But in this case…it does. e.l.f. blew me away with this one. For this palette to be only $10, the shadows are show up beautifully. They are richly pigmented but aren’t the least bit chalky or faint. And as far as the color selection…

…I mean come on, there are 100 of them. From neutrals to brights to mattes and shimmers, the palette covers everything the average eyeshadow lover may want. I do have drawback though. Some of the shadows may flake out a bit with continued use.

This doesn’t translate to fall out on the lids but it is a little frustrating to see the shadows all crunched up. Nonetheless, I think the palette is a great deal for ladies who are new to makeup, makeup artists, travelers, or just makeup aficionados that want a new toy to play with. 8) I did a look using one of the purple shades and it held up for over 13 hours.

Not bad, uh? As with all eyeshadows, I recommend using a primer but in terms of vibrancy, these shadows stand up! Check out the video review for close-ups, swatches and more info about this rad palette. Scoop it up from the e.l.f. website.







  • The swatches looked gorgeous. I barely use the make-up that I have, however I really want this palette. With all those colors, and for only $10, it will be awhile before I have to buy another eyeshadow.

    • Brittany

      Hence why it’s a good purchase. 😉 You’ll be set as far as makeup goes for quite some time.

  • I’ve been wanting to buy this for a while but kept putting it off because of the shipping to Canada. I might consider buying this, thanks!

    • Brittany

      Boo to shipping. The good news is, you won’t be disappointed when you get it. :)

  • Which would you say is better this one from e.l.f or the one from coastal scents?

    • Brittany

      I think they are both comparable. Both of them surprised me!

  • Ithica

    I agree…nobody can touch ELF regarding price. They run some pretty awesome specials. I got this palette along w/ the smokey eye kit, the notorious white eye base/primer & 4 other goodies during the 1/2 off sale last yr (not even $20). Can someone say only 1 Mac item…if that. Lol. I’m new to makeup but I use their palette more than the Mac or the other 120 palette I bought. I love purple too…and blue and green. Have you tried the ELF studio line?

    • Brittany

      You snagged some awesome deals! And noooo, I haven’t tried the Studio line just yet.

  • A. Hamilton

    After reading reviews on the The Studio Line makeup brushes, I ordered them and they are absolutely fabulous! I got the entire set for $15 (originally $30, 50% off coupon). I will order more E.L.F products in future. The eyeshadow palette looks great, I may order that next.

    • Brittany

      Oh yeah…I’ll be reviewing the brushes soon too!

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