Mascara Monday: e.l.f. Essentials Wet Gloss Lash & Brow Clear Mascara

I can’t believe that I’ve never used or reviewed a clear mascara. Quite insane, right? But after many requests, I am finally giving one a whirl.

Price: $1. No lie ONE DOLLAR!!!
Packaging (brush wand): 4 out of 5
Overall: 4 out of 5

What It Claims: “Achieve glossy, shiny, healthy-looking lashes and brows with the infused long wearing conditioning agents in our wet gloss lash & brow mascara. Looking pulled together has never been easier!” (source)

The Truth: Well, this is refreshing!

What I Loved About It: I love that it’s only a $1. Gotta love how affordable e.l.f.

What I Didn’t Like: I wanted a bit more volume but that’s because I’m volume-obsessed. HA!! It’s really not the mascara’s fault.

Overall: When it comes to a clear mascara, there are two kinds of people. Those that absolutely love them and those that don’t understand the point of them. I sit comfortably in the middle. Clear mascaras make sense to me. At the same time I’m not head over heels in love with them and probably wouldn’t swap ’em out for my traditional mascaras.

If you’ve got wonky lashes that struggle with growing in the same direction, a clear mascara is great to have. It helps to elongate the lashes and train them to grow in the same direction without loading them up with a ton of mascara. Clear mascaras are also great for teenagers, those who are taking baby steps into makeup or those with allergies. Ladies in those  categories may be desirous of a little somethin’ but can’t wear or aren’t ready for the “Look at me, I’m wearing mascara!” look. Clear mascaras help to open up the eyes a bit–especially in a pinch. It’s foolproof, quick and easy and can certainly benefit any lady who loves mascara.

As far as e.l.f.’s, I didn’t have any problems with it. Not one. Although large, the wand swept right through my lashes with ease.

I don’t think the wand is problematic despite its size. After all, the formula is clear. It you accidentally get a bit of it around your eyes, no biggie. As it dries, it may flake up a bit and you can just wipe it away with water. The mascara lasted a lot longer than I thought it would! I didn’t experience any flaking and of course, since it’s clear, no smudging ensued.  While I didn’t expect added length or volume, I was surprised at how well is separated my lashes and kept them in place all day. I do wish that my lashes didn’t “bind” so much though. After applying the mascara,  a few of the lashes lumped together. Boo.

And the brow clear gel? That’s just an added bonus and perfect for ladies like me with the unruly brows!

Bare Lashes

Lashes with 2 Coats of mascara

Although you can’t tell MUCH of a difference, gotta admit that the separating and glossy power is pretty stellar.


Do I recommend it?: Yep! It’s only $1 so even if you aren’t a fan, you haven’t wasted much money.

It’s hard to give a clear mascara bad marks. They do what they’re supposed to do and you either like ’em or you don’t. Any clear mascara lovers in the house? You can scoop this one up where ever e.l.f. products are sold and online here. Check out my latest video review for both the clear mascara. And keep an eye out for a review of e.l.f.’s Studio Lengthening & Volumizing Mascara.





  • I never knew clear mascara was capable of doing that. Thankfully these are sold at Target.

    • Brittany

      Yep!! Scoop one up. One or two. 😀

  • Avid Lurking Fan coming out of hiding, lol

    I first discovered clear mascara when my daughter started asking about makeup at around 14. I bought some so she could ‘wear makeup’ – worked fine in the big scheme of things.

    I just did some kinda never had nothing before haul of ELF (they finally started selling it in my area of town) and picked this up and put it back down – maybe I’ll just keep some around for like the weekend in the house if I want to bat my eyes at my husband, lol

    • Brittany

      Yeeahhhh, go Pam, go!!! I always know that I’m doing something right when a fan comes from lurking. LOL! Thank you so much. 😉

  • I would so use that on my brows..

    • Brittany

      I’ve been using it on my brows too. Woot!

  • I would totally use this for my brows! The clear mascara I use is $5 and this sounds just as amazing, if not better! And much cheaper =P

    • Brittany

      Gotta love how affordable e.l.f. is!

  • Jen

    I’d never even heard of clear mascara.. And while I don’t think it’s for me, this was definitely informative!

  • gio

    I have never used a clear mascara but you’re tempting me too. This one sounds great and it is so cheap!

  • Aimee

    Hey Brittany – was the after picture taken once the mascara was already dried, or is it still wet from application? If it’s already dry, that’s some seriously awesome shine.

    • Brittany

      Nope, the pictures were taken hours after application. Not bad, uh?

  • Kym

    Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeey Britt….

    Luv, Luv, Luv this mascara. Been using it the last 2 years. I mostly use it on my brows after filling them in for super shine. As for the lashes, I use it here and there when my face is bare and natural.

  • Alice

    hi! this post really interested me because you mentioned that the clear mascara is great for wonky eyelashes which is exactly what i’ve been dealing with lately. i’ve been having this problem of when i sleep, my eyelashes will move themselves into unnatural positions and stay there for a couple days. i wouldn’t mind so much if it weren’t for the fact that it’s extremely painful at the root :( do you think this would be something i could wear at night to keep them in place or do you think it would worsen my situation?
    thanks bunches! 😀

    • Brittany

      I have no idea, Alice. I have the exact same problem and have no idea what to do about it. :(

  • I love these, although i only use both ends for my brow XD but the brow end, after I was almost done it, it started smelling really, really bad. Like sour milk, literally. The lash end smells a little funky but more of a chemical-makeup smell. Sometimes I prank my friends by telling them to smell my brow gel an that it smells really good, like flowers. Lmao, I love their faces XD

    • Brittany


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  • victoria

    Hoping you’ll review ELF 3 in 1 mascara, really cool wand!