I got Shellac’d!

CND’s Shellac treatment has caused such a fanfare in the nail polish industry. This innovative gel formula makes it so that a manicure on natural nails can last for at least 14 days. That’s unheard of, uh? It took me awhile to jump on the bandwagon for several reasons.

I didn’t like the idea of wearing the same nail polish for many, many days. I mean…hello, I’m a beauty blogger. My nails need to be free for a swatchin’. Secondly, I was afraid of potential damage the nails might receive after removal. Aaaand, I’ve become quite the nail care snob in that I’d much rather do my own nails than have someone else do them. But because I got so many inquiries about Shellac, I decided to formally review them on Clumps.

Take a sneak peek…

The shade I selected was Tutti Frutti.

And are you surprised that it’s the brightest shade in the bunch? HA! Application was surprising easy. No drills! I wore acrylic nails for years and although I loved the look of them, that drill on my poor nails was never a good thing. I’ll do a complete review at the end of 2 weeks but the initial application doesn’t look too bad, uh?

Has anyone tried Shellac yet? What do you think?

  • Tisha

    I’ve had Shellact twice now and I absolutely love it! I was hesitant for all the same reasons that you were exCEPT my joy at doing my own nails ran out in high school, so I wasn’t messed up about that part. LOL.

    Anyway, the experience was great. The only part that I didn’t like (and I knew going in that I wouldn’t) was that as my nails grew that white space between the bottom of my nail and the cuticle got on my nerves! And I picked a light color (Cocoa) to try to minmize that since I knew it’d be a problem for me. But…even with that…I had to talk myself down a time or two. LOL. At the end of two weeks to the day, though, I had not ‘nare one chip, smudge or other nail casualty.

    I’m now on my second go round and am SO tickled about having a French Manicure that didn’t chip two days after I got it that I don’t know what to DO! LOL.

    It’s been great for me.

    • Brittany

      Sounds like Shellac was totally made for you, Tisha!

  • Akua Yamoah

    so far it looks really good to me and is also something i am ver much interested in. bc that is the most annoying thing to have to apply a nail polish over and over again bc it doesn’t last more than 6 days. this was an intersting blog for sure.

    • Brittany

      I know, right? We’ll see how easy it is to remove without damaging the nails though. THEN that’ll make it a winner in my book.

  • does the UV light still need to be used?

    • Brittany

      Yep, it does.

  • Cinnie

    They look great, I’m a sucker for hot pink too so I would choose the same shade!

    How was the price different (if at all) from a regular manicure?

    • Brittany

      It’s about double the price of a manicure.

  • Manda

    I wanna check this out, I saw it on QVC (that damn channel sucks me in, lol I saw Bliss wax and went to sephora to buy it the other day I tried it but I think I’m doing something wrong anyone ever use Bliss wax?)

  • Misa Su

    I’m hooked on OPI Axxium.. it’s awesome not as many colors as Shellac, try the OPI and let us know how they compare.. the soak off process is a pain but it’s a beautifully long lasting polish.. I LOVE it..

    • Brittany

      I’ve heard that the OPI Axxium is definitely a pain to remove. Noooo!!

  • I’ve had it done before and I loved it.. however removal was a bit of a pain! I do like that you can still apply polish/konad over it and take it off with non acetone remover.. still able to have a little fun :) Your nails look great, I’m a sucker for pink!

    • Brittany

      Uh oh The removal was a pain? I’m scared!

  • Lisalis

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for taking the Shellac’d plunge! I’ve heard about it but have been hesitant to try it. I can’t wait to hear if it’s as long lasting as advertised!

    Beautiful color choice, B!

    • Brittany

      You know me….super bright nails is the only way to go!

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  • Stacey F.

    I can’t wait to hear your final verdict!

    • Brittany

      Will definitely let you know!

  • SI

    I’m a licensed nail tech, and let me tell you, this stuff works! It’s truly a miracle product for those who work in salons, the medical field, people who wash their hands a lot, and those who have problems with chipping. There’s far more other brands that offer more color variety. SUch as gelac, gelish, opi axxium, and so much more. My favorite for color is by gelish, but I also do love shellac just as much because its the easiest to remove and most healthy for the nails. Of course the product works differently for everyone depending on your nail health and oils and what you do on a daily basis. THe way your tech applies it has a effect on it as well. you’ll find that you’d like one brand more than others. YOu just have to find what works best for you! :)

    • Brittany

      Thanks so much for your input, SI!

      • SI

        no problem :) I hope it works out for you! also, the only way its damaging to your nails is if you pick it off! picking at the polish will lift away layers of your nail making them become thin. it’s a habit difficult for a lot of people to avoid, but try your best! lol

        • Brittany

          That’s a big ole’ no-no. No ripping off for me. I don’t even know how people do that. It’s so painful!

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  • Awesome! I spend big bucks to get my nails professionally done because I don’t like the short-term chips between polish changes. This sounds like a great alternative. Is this a DIY application or do you have to go to a salon? If so, where can you purchase Shellac polish and the UV light?

    • Brittany

      This is DIY. I’m not sure of us non-professionals can get Shellac polish. Unless it comes from a reputable seller on Ebay of course. I got a UV light for Christmas and I think you can get them from anywhere.

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