Johnson’s Challenge: Beautifying the…dashboard?

Aaaaand, we’re moving on with the Johnson’s Beauty Challenge! I’ve showed you the benefits of applying baby powder in the stinky sneakers and now it’s time to take it to the car. Some of us spend many hours a week in our cars. You know…sitting in traffic, trying to beat rush hour (#FAIL) and going to and from work almost every day. Mama Clumps gave me the idea of slathering baby oil gel all over my dashboard to give it some extra bling.

Seriously! Watch this…

I’m already pretty obsessed with how clean I keep my car. The inside is spotless and it gets a good washing at least once a week. I’ve added a baby oil gel treatment to the mix. I simply squirt a dollop right in the middle of the dashboard…

…and use a lint-free towel to spread it all over.

And BAM! A dashboard that’s worth staring at while I’m sitting in traffic. This discovering different ways to use Johnson’s products is a blast!

Anyone thought to use baby oil or baby oil gel on your car’s dashboard?

  • Cinnie

    That’s brilliant. And now I am ashamed at what a crap-heap the interior of my car is :(

    I vow to clean it this weekend! ::shakes fist::

    • Brittany

      Yesssss, clean that dashboard, woman! 8)

  • hehe. This is great! No I would have never put those together. But baby oil does have moisturizing properties, so it doesn’t quite surprise me!

    • Brittany