LUSH Big Blue bath bomb

I think this bath bomb is total winner. says this baby contains lemon, sea salt and lavender. I wasn’t in love with Big Blue at first smell. But when I heard that it would turn my tub a beautiful hue of blue, I snagged it up with the quickness.

How gorgeous is that? I threw in a bubble bar and bath melt (those reviews coming soon) so the water was a little more on the green side. Love love looooove everything about this bath bomb. Except the little surprise in the water.

Yep, that’s REAL seaweed. I’m not a fan of it at the beach so it definitely didn’t make me happy in the tub. But I see where you’re trying to give us the FULL experience, LUSH. And for that…I love you.

Get more deets about this bath bomb here.

  • Kam

    I love LUSH products. I first discovered them in New Orleans.
    They’re amazing! Fav. items: Sugar Babe/Sugar Scrub and Sweet Lips Lip Scrub

    • Brittany

      The Lip Scrubs are so tasty!

  • Do these bath bombs tend to color your bathtub? I am tempted to use one, but that possibility puts me off.

    • Brittany

      Oh no, not at all. I haven’t experienced that with any of my bath bombs.

  • Tasia

    GREAT post! I love LUSH but my bath bomb addiction was killing me! I started using Fizzbutter shea ones instead. They are huge and they are only $3.29 plus they always have a free shipping deal. Now, I can spoil myself every day. Their website is