POLL: NYX’s Nude or Urban Decay’s Naked palette?


I know it’s a complete faux passe in the beauty blogosphere but I never picked up Urban Decay’s Naked palette. I figured that with the shadows that I already own, I wouldn’t need it. But of course NOW that it is so hard to find, I want it. The Naked palette retails for $48 at Sephora stores and Sephora.com. It includes 12 shadows and a travel size version Primer Potion and either an eye shadow brush OR eyeliner pencils.

Then there’s NYX Cosmetics’ Nude on Nude palette.


This baby is only $25, comes with 20 shadows and 10 lip glosses and is available where NYX Cosmetics is sold and online.

Which one should I get?

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  • I don’t have the UD Naked palette either. I have 1/2 the shades individual pots. Saying all that (lol), I vote for NYX!

    • Brittany

      Me too, mama. Hence why I haven’t gotten anything yet. LOL!

  • Wowwww! I had nooo clue NYX came out with this.I find $25 a bit steep for NYX cosmetics, but its a good ‘dupe’. I like that there are so many lippies included.

    I’d probably end up with UD though since I’m trying to build my make-up collection and get more quality over quantity.

    • Brittany

      Yeah, now that you mention it. NYX’s palettes are a little cheaper. But they are quality shadows too!

  • milaxx

    FYI, I just bought my Naked palette from Sephora last week, so they are available, but they now come with a brush instead of a pencil.

    • Brittany

      Was it? I went to mine and it wasn’t there. :( It’s still available online though but probably not for long. It is in high demand!

      • milaxx

        I bought mine online. I think the delay was in making the pencil that the first palettes came out with. Online it didn’t seem too difficult to obtain.

  • Allyson

    i would get NYX! because their products aren’t bad, and you get more for less! But if you want to splurge get the UD! I’m definitely going to get that NYX set now that you show me a dupe! 😀

    • Brittany

      Rock on!

  • gio

    I would get the UD palette because I love their eyeshadows. But I think it is great that there is also a cheap dupe for it. :)

  • Brynn

    I would go for the NYX palette since you love lippies. 😀 and its cheaper

  • Amanda

    i would get the urban decay, ive had it for months and love it.
    but i chose it over nyx because im not a fan of lip products in pallette forms.. i wouldnt want to carry that thing around just to re-apply my lip color and also for travelling in general the UD is sleeker. so basically my reasoning is packaging which is lame lol

    • Brittany

      Haha, somehow I understand. :)

  • chela

    I ordered nyx palette because I thought I would never be able to get my hands on UD palette. Then they sent me an email saying that UD was available and I ordered it. I have to say that it will be the only higher quality palette I own. The rest is drugstore which I love.

  • McKenna

    Definitely Urban Decay’s Naked, tho I’ve never tried anything by NYX. However I absolutely looooove UD’s eyeshadows! I’m a budget shopper but I believe it’s worth the splurge :]

  • B… NEKKID. No question.

  • I have the Naked Palette and I adore it! No regrets whatsoever.

  • Cinnie

    I’d go for the Nyx set because there’s greater variety of colors/shades in the shadows, you get all those lippies (I’m such a lipgloss whore) and the price is more accessible (I’m also cheap).

    Though I *love* UD shadows (Toasted is the perfect, best, most amazing color) the ones in the Naked palette are so… similar. Seems a bit redundant for that money.

    • Brittany

      Ohhh, I haven’t tried Toasted.

    • I, too, like Toasted. I need to use that shadow this week!

  • I say get both :)

    • Brittany

      Uh oh…lol!

  • Amoure

    I wouldn’t just get the NYX Nude palette because it’s cheaper but it also offers more colors plus lip colors as well. Plus UD recycles all of their colors so eventually you’ll see all of those in a few more hundred high priced palettes and regret you ever bought them.

  • Michelle

    I’ve never seen that NYX palette but it looks to me like there are more matte shades in it, whereas the UD palette only has two mattes. For me, if I’m doing a truly naked/nude/natural eye, I only use matte shades, otherwise it’s obvious that it’s makeup.

    Bottom line I think, you have to ask yourself am I actually going to use this makeup? Or I am just collecting it?

    If you’re going to use it, then I’d say NYX. If you’re just collecting like some of these makeup freaks, then Naked.

  • Hazel Lyn

    Duh… Get both! I am in love with NYX. It’s my HG brand and I’ve been searching for it forever but I am a “beauty on a budget” kind of girl who like to meet cost with quality. I’ve done Web research and the only difference, it seems, is that UD’s Naked palette shadows are creamier in application. The thing is… I often can’t choose one just like you so I just end up buying both usually so I don’t regret anything! If you love make up as much as I do, then definitely get both. You can use NYX’s palette for everyday casual stuff and use the UD Naked palette on special occasions… Or you can also use them both at the same time. The thing is… NYX’s Nude on Nude palette is not really channelling UD’s palette in terms of the colors. Just the packaging but not the shadows. If you want something more identical, get the NYX Nude on Nude Natural Look Kit but if not… Well, like I said. Get both! You’re in the US, after all. (Unlike me, who lives in the Philippines where UD’s price doubles and NYX is locally unavailable— you have to go through high shipping costs from Cherry Culture and the torturous loooooooonng wait— or perhaps thievery from PhilPost or Customs.) If I was you, I would already have them both. Like NOW.