Sephora’s Lippies? Hot or not?

Need a new lip gloss in your life? Ever think to take a look at some of Sephora’s? I’ll be honest…with all of the other brands calling my name, I usually don’t take a second look at Sephora’s products. Giiiirl…where have I been? Their Ultra Shine Lip gloss is some kinda cool.

At $14, it has a nice, non-tacky consistency. My shade, Reflex So Glitter, has over 20 siblings. And it’s super moisturizing too. Check out that glitter action.

And on the lippies…

Not bad, Sephora. ‘Scuse me for not venturing your way in the past.

Have you tried any of the Sephora Collection lippies? Whatcha think? Check ’em out here.


  • I actually didn’t like the those lip glosses. I saw the color Love Me Pink, and WOW!!! I really wanted to try them out, just for that color alone. The hot pink with the blue iridescent sheen looked gorgeous!! Unfortunately…the wand felt very flimsy, the color didn’t stay very long, and I didn’t like the texture. You mention that these didn’t have a tacky feeling…the buxom lip polishes have a bit of a tackier feel (if they’re applied very thick), rather than a super-slick texture. And that was another turn-off for me for these glosses; the slick feeling really bothered me. Funny how different people react to various textures of things like lip colors and foundations and such!!

    (I love Sephora’s Flashy Waterproof Liner Pencils. Love, love, love. They’re comparable with the UD 24/7 pencils, but they cost less. Sadly, they also come in fewer colors. But they’re another bit of Sephora makeup that’s pretty good!!)

    • Brittany

      Hmm, so the liners are good? I’ll have to check those out.

      • The Flashy Waterproof liners are good. I’m not as fond of the nano liners or the retractable liners. The nano liners are a little too firm, and the retractable liners don’t apply smoothly and the two that I got had some issues with crumbling.

        • Brittany

          I’ll keep that in mind the next time I head to Sephora. Thanks LiAnn!

  • Stacy

    I have one of the ones in the squeeze tube. It’s just ok. It’s actually yellow in the tube and that’s what drew me to it. I thought it would be just amazing over a lipstick, but not so much. Oh well, I bought it so I use it but it’s not one that I reach for often.

    • Brittany

      Yellow??? Totally haven’t seen that one. You’ve been holdin’ out, Stacy! LOL!

  • I tried one of their glosses and liked it but wasn’t crazy about it because it didn’t last. One cup of coffee and I had to reapply. I like the purple sheen this color gives your lip color though. Looks nice.

    • Brittany

      Mine did just “okay” in the lasting department.

  • prilaj

    I love Sephora, but their products do not have enough color payoff. I have a large eyeshadow compact by Sephora and barely use it as the colors barely show up. The 2 Sephora brand lipglosses that I purchased looked great when I tried them on in the store, but when I took them home they only shimmered, no color so I gave them away.
    I keep meaning to look for those MUFE lipglosses you reviewed- now those look awesome and I know the brand is worth the money I pay for it. $9 and up is too much to pay for a Sephora brand gloss that is comparable to what I would get color-wise from a Bonnebell lipgloss.

    • Brittany

      Right you are. If color payoff is what you seek, you may want to check out a brand that gives you more pigment.

  • ericca001

    pair with a purple lipstick and it will be crazy.

    • Brittany

      Oh yeahhhh, anything with a purple lipstick is sheer awesomeness.

  • Pandora

    I have the black w purple glitter shade, and a red and pink one also. I initially wanted the black hoping it would be a close dupe for the glimmerglass from MAC. The glitter isn’t as obvious, but it works in a pinch. The red and pink glosses both have pretty decent pigment. I would re-purchase at least one when these run out.

    • Brittany

      They do great over lipsticks too.

  • wow! i saw this the last time i went to sephora and i’m kinda glad i didn’t pick it it up! I feel the Milani Glitz glosses offer more pigmentation that i love. Have you tried their cream glosses yet? those look lovely too! =)

    • Brittany

      Nooo, I haven’t tried the cream glosses. I just love the way cream glosses feel though. Yummy!