20+ Years of Lovin’ Disney

I’m the biggest Disney fan ever. And I do mean ever. If a Disney movie came out in the 90’s, chances are I know all of the words to the songs. I’ve been to both Disney World in Florida and Disney Land in California. I love Disney so much that I’m considering getting married (you know, after the whole proposal thing) at the Disney Wedding Pavilion. I recently went to Animal Kingdom, Magic Kingdom and Hollywood Studios and took a few pictures.

Hit the jump, fellow Disney lovers!

Animal KingdomEntrance to Animal Kingdom

Animal Kingdom has never been my favorite Disney spot but it fits in Disney theme parks beautifully. After all, there are many animal lovers of the world and if you are one of them, Animal Kingdom should be your first stop. The safari rides are a lot of fun though. You get so close up to the animals. And then there are the shows.

The Lion King show made my LIFE!

The singing, the dancing, acrobats and audience involvement was the best experience at Animal Kingdom. And then there’s the Animal Kingdom Lodge.

Which took my breath away. I reviewed it here.

Magic Kingdom, which, being the Disney dork that I am is my favorite all of the parks.

I’m not even kidding you when I tell you this place is magical. From the fireworks to the fine dining, to the shops, stores, rides and shows, Magic Kingdom has it all. And for every age group. Somehow I STILL enjoyed riding It’s A Small World. And I still enjoy staring at the beautiful windows on Main Street USA.

But if Magic Kingdom did have a downside, it would be that it is ALWAYS packed. Wait times for rides can be as long as 90+ minutes. One of the benefits of living in Orlando is being able to drive 20 minutes to Magic Kingdom and enjoying the the park during off-season. Holla!

Then there’s Hollywood Studios.

Which is probably the most forgotten about park. Back in the day Hollywood Studios was called MGM Studios and while most people prefer the other “Kingdoms”, I don’t mind Hollywood Studios. It is never as crowded as the Kingdoms but the rides and shows are stellar. They’ve got a ton of restaurants and if you wanted to jump on a thrill ride, there’s Tower of Terror. Β The rides and attractions at Hollywood Studios are all movie-based. The newest ride, Toy Story Mania! is my favorite with The Great Movie Ride being its runner-up.

A true park hopper would be able to go to all 4 parks (Animal Kingdom, Magic Kingdom, Hollywood Studios and Epcot) but I got a late start and never made it to Epcot. But stay tuned because I plan on going and will take a ton of pictures.

Any Disney lovers in the house? Plan on going any time soon?

  • Victoria

    I’m going for my birthday in October because my husband is amazing. Not only did he propose to me there a few years ago (in Cinderella’s castle with a glass slipper!) but I get to go for my 26th birthday. :) I love Disney.

    • πŸ˜€ That’s SO sweet!

    • Brittany

      O.M.G…talk about a dream proposal. Have an amazing time at Disney. And Happy (super early) birthday. 26 is a good age. I wouldn’t mind being this age for another year. πŸ˜‰

  • I LOVE Disney. Sadly I’ve never been to Disney World, though it’s my dream to go one day. Maybe I could ask my parents for a family trip there as a college graduation present next year. I realized how much of a Disney fan I am when I watched Tangled and got as giddy as a 6 year old when the opening Disney came on the screen. ^_^ (Btw Tangled is now one of my favorites.)

    • Brittany

      I looooove Tangled!! I cracked up (and cried) at the movie. The humor was on point. That horse? Loves him!

  • Jordan

    Huge Disney fan :-) Epcot is my fav

    • Brittany

      Yay for Epcot. Haven’t been in years. It’s time.

  • Chelsea

    I am a born and raised Floridian who still lives in Orlando. I love Disney too, and still refer to Hollywood Studios as MGM and that is what it will always be to me! I have also looked into having a Disney wedding and its amazing! I love Test Track, Finding Nemo, and the people mover! haha Now I want to go to Disney!

    • Brittany

      Yay for fellow Floridians! I STILL go it MGM Studios too. Hollywood? What’s that? πŸ˜‰ Can you believe I STILL haven’t done the People Mover? Ugh. But OMG, I love Test Track. That’s always been one of my favorites.

  • Giselle

    If you haven’t been to Epcot in a while, does that mean you haven’t been on Mission: Space? It is amazing! Its so intense and realistic that they have 2 separate rides…One for people who can handle the intensity and another “lighter” version for those who can’t haha.

  • Gin

    I was an anti-Disney fan for quite some time. About 15 months ago, though, I was suddenly compelled to go to Walt Disney World. I loaded up my family and took them to WDW last June (Star Wars Weekends, oh yeah!). We had so much fun, we stayed an extra day–and then took our first trip to Disneyland the following January! Now I’m a certified WDW/DLR lover. I’m perpetually planning our next trip to WDW, ’cause I can’t wait to go back!

    • Brittany

      Woo hoooo, that’s a Disney success story if I ever heard one!

  • victoria

    I actually saw a documentary type show on people getting married at Disney World, and it looked amazing! My favorite attraction is the Tiki Room and the Country Bear Jamboree (notice how I admit this safely behind a computer screen LOL)

    Anyway from what I saw they have quite the wedding experience! Good luck girl!

    • Brittany

      OMG, I want to see that docuementaryyyyyy!!!

  • God I love Disney. The first time I ever stepped foot in Magic Kingdom I just burst out in tears. Matter of fact I always burst out in tears at Magic Kingdom. Why? Because out of all the stuff we end up learning aren’t true. WALT DISNEY TOLD THE TRUTH!! It is EXACTLY like he said it was and you feel exactly like he said you would.

    I’ve been several times but last Summer was special because we hunted down and got to pose with Princess Tianna. I’ve waited my whole life (I’ll be 45 in June) to see someone who looked like me in the Franchise and so decked out in our Princess Tiana Shirts we found her and after I got my composure, I got my picture.

    The economy has jacked up any plans for a trip to orlando this year (that I know of) but I have about 4 years worth of pictures from previous visits to look at.

    God I love Disney!!

    • Brittany

      That was the best Disney review ever!!

  • I love, love, love Disney :) I recently visited Hollywood Studios too, but I’ve been to Magic Kingdom, Epcot, and Animal Kingdom too. Disney is amazing in that they really create the feel and atmosphere. Some parks may have awesome thrill rides but the workers can be unpleasant etc. At Disney, they just create a happy mood! My dad doesn’t like them too much, because he’s more about practicality that pretty, so he doesn’t see all the pretty stuff as necessary and just adding to the expensive tickets lol. He didn’t like Hollywood Studios at all because the thrill rides were few and that’s what he likes to do at parks. Me too, though.

    My favorite rides everrr are Mission Space, Mount Everest, Rockin’ Rollercoaster, Tower of Terror…there’s more but I forget right now lol

    • Brittany

      Aren’t you a thrill-seeker? Tower of Terror looks sooooo scary!

  • Disney forever! I was born and raised in California and basically grew up at Disneyland. Main Street remains my favorite part of the park. There is just something so magical about Disneyland. We live in Michigan now and one of my husb’s co-workers just took a vacation with his family to DisneyWorld Florida. I want to go so bad!!!

    • Brittany

      I agree. Main Street is thee BEST.

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  • I haven’t been down there in AGES, since I had family in St. Pete. I’m itching the go, but I’ve decided to wait until I conceive and have a kid so I can see it again with them!!

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