My Top 10 Favorite Drugstore Make Up Brands

Top 10 BEST Drugstore Brands

I get this question a lot and so I decided to turn it into a post. Hit the jump to see my top favorite makeup brands.

1. IMAN Cosmetics

They’ve got the best foundations for brown girls at a drugstore price.

2. E.L.F. Cosmetics

I was always skeptical about them because the prices were SUPER affordable, but after reviewing a few products, I can confirm that E.L.F. is one of the best brands for ladies new to makeup.

3. Milani Cosmetics

They will always be one of my favorite brands. They consistently come out with products that have me runnin’ to Walgreens. Remember Lip Flash pencils? Oh baby..

4. N.Y.X

Those jumbo eye pencils rock my world. They have SO many products. You can really build a collection for under $50 and get more than enough. And how cute is this bronzer?

5. Maybelline

Because they make some of the best drugstore mascaras. Their shadows and lippies are some kind of awesomeness too.


Kudos to a mainstream brand coming out with products suited for brown girls. COVERGIRL Queen rocks my socks. And I’ve got the lip colors to prove it.

7. Physicians Formula

They are one of the few drugstore and green cosmetics lines on the market. While their line is heavy in the foundation, bronzer and (happy) blush department, lately they have been wow-ing me with cool mascaras, liners and palettes.

8. Wet ‘N Wild

Known for being incredibly cheap, Wet ‘N Wild has me lovin’ them all over again. I always loved their lip glosses as a teenager and they have REALLY stepped their game up since then. Those eyeshadow trios of theirs are pretty epic.

9. Black Opal

Another stellar drugstore brand for brown girls. They have a great foundation shades and some of the best eye shadow palettes on the market.

10. NYC New York Color

Another brand that has been wow-ing me. Their eye shadow duo’s and the lip stains are ridiculously affordable and give excellent payoff.

Honorable Mentions:

Rimmel, Max Factor (I SO wish they were back in the U.S.), Jordana, Essence of Beauty and L’Oreal

What brands are your favs?

  • NikiD40

    Wow, Revlon gets no love from Miss B? I am shocked.

    • Brittany

      Yeeeeah, I haven’t really been in love with Revlon lately. Their mascaras are pretty awful. Their lippes are pretty and so-so but I don’t know…they kinda bore me. Their polishes are decent though.

      • Eve

        Brittany, you ain’t never lied! Lol! Revlon has the WORST mascaras. I think you should just make their mascara your blog avatar, cuz they clump up like no other.

        • Brittany

          Can’t.stand.them. Ugh!

  • Coming to the US from Australia, I am just discovering some of the drugstore beauty brands here and I have to say, I love Milani and e.l.f.! Wet n Wild are great for polishes, but I had a bad experience with one of their lipsticks.. I’ve heard great things about the eye palettes though, I’ll have to check them out 😉

    • Also, one of my fave Aussie drugstore brands is BYS. Love me some BYS!

      • Brittany

        Of course now you’ve got me wanting to try BYS. Next time I’m headed out to Australia (lol…like I’ve ever been before! :D) I’m going to pick up some goodies.

  • Prestige is great for liquid eyeliner. And I ADORE NYX lipglosses, pigmented and non-sticky what more can I ask for?

    Alice in Nappyland

    • Brittany

      Still haven’t tried Prestige and I’ve great things about them!

  • I actually like all the drugstore brands U mentioned! Especially NYX and Milani…..Thnx for sharing this with us,greatly appreciated!

    • Brittany

      That’s my job. 😉

  • Zakiya

    Love, Love, Love your blog. I agree with all of your points with one exception…L’Oreal (or their HIP line)…love the shadows and liners in this line because of the serious color pay off. Thank you for both of your blogs. Simply the best!

    • Brittany

      Awww, thanks for the support. I really appreciate it!

  • Cara

    Love Physician’s Formula! Their mascara is all kinds of awesome. Maybelline lippies are equally amazing too!

    Not sure if this counts as its not really makeup, but I love the whole Yes to Carrots line!

    • Brittany

      Does Yes to Carrots have cosmetics? Or just skincare? Either way, I looooove their balms. :)

      • Cara

        Yes To has lip butters (LOVE the pomegranate one) and glosses and tints (love using these..super pigmented) 😀

  • victoria

    I’m currently loving my Maybelline Mocha Motion Quad for an everyday smoky eye.
    Will definitely be trying a few NYX single shadows next!
    My ELF Defining Eye Brush is my fave and I will be trying ELF’s Studio Line Brushes next.

    I regret not stocking up on Max Factor though, took it for granted and now it’s gone from U.S. drugstores…

    • Brittany

      I SO miss Max Factor. I luh-luh-looooved that Volume Couture mascara.

  • tricia

    Nyx is not a drugstore store brand…..

    • Brittany

      It most certainly is. I have seen it in several drugstores. As well as ULTA.

  • Soooooo I’m going to co-sign every brand listed. There’s nothing like spinning around in the aisles of CVS & Walgreens and stumbling upon these inexpensive gems. I swear by NYC & Wet n Wild lippies. I always get, “ooo what a nice color! Is that [insert MAC lipstick color here]?
    I also loooove blushes from Black Radiance & Milani.

  • Kimberly

    What about Hard Candy? Elf is definitely my favourite! But my Target is rarely stocked with any Elf products… boo! Have you tried the creme blushes and tinted moisturizer from their Studio line? Review please??

    • Brittany

      You know, I haven’t really tried Hard Candy. Yet. 😉