Can you get hooked on lip balm? Uh oh.

Part of being a beauty blogger means I’ve got to educate myself on as much as I can. I enjoy it, of course, and I love when I come across books like this one.

What started off as a blog by cosmetic scientists has now turned into a book. They’ve gathered fantastic questions, placed ’em their book and have given us answers from a scientific perspective. How cool is that?

The book is broken down in several sections: From hair to skincare, ingredients and beyond. Many myths are debunked. And I was excited to see an entire section on mascara and eye lashes.

Even I learned a few things about my favorite beauty product. They’ve even got those questions and answers that may be too embarrassing to ask.

You can scoop the book up from Amazon, Indigo, Barnes & Noble, Borders, Books-A-MilllionIndiebound and good ole’ Walmart

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  • Def. going to pick this up… I need to start my beauty library again

    • Brittany

      Rock on, sis!

  • I bought this book this past week. They have some really interesting information in it, especially about hair care and what types of oils really work for our hair. I never understood why people say they don’t like coconut oil when it’s chemical structure closely resembles ours. Still, I’m not done reading it and will continue. Great read.

    • Eve

      Thanks for that info. I definitely have to check that out!

  • Eve

    B. I would really like the answer to the causes of dark armpits, mine arent that much a darker, but I have always assumed it was deodorant.

  • I don’t like reading, but this looks like a good book.