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| April 22, 2011 | 16 Comments

Y’all know me. I love saving a  buck or two. I’m a drugstore beauty kind of girl who occasionally likes to splurge on the higher-end goods. And occasionally really means once a month tops. As much as I love beauty products, I’d prefer not to deplete my savings account trying to buy a lipgloss. If you’re a penny pinchin’ gal like me, a site like will be your best friend. And I’m not even kidding.

Try and guess how much this beauty basket cost. Seriously….guess.

Hmmm, what else is in this basket? You’ve got:


Is that a Maybelline FIT blush that I spy?

Why, yes it is! With all of the coupons from

We saved…

That’s almost $30 in savings! The user-friendly website allows you to type in a store or product and the results? A slew of coupons and discounts that you can print off. Pretty awesome, uh?

Although I love the goodies in this basket, I’ve decided to donate it to women who could use them more than I could. I’ll be dropping this basket off at the Harbor House battered women’s shelter here in Orlando along with other new and gently used items.

Enjoy the weekend, my sisters!



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  1. Ishah says:

    You are so sweet, that’s really great that you’re donating it! I bet those women will really appreciate getting some goodies to help them feel beautiful.. I’ll definitely be checking out, I love a moneysaver :)

  2. Shana says: is bookmarked on my computer. Some people don’t know it but the website does allow you to print the same coupon twice. I have gone through a lot of ink and paper because of that site, but the savings are worth it.

  3. Chelsea says:

    Whatttttt! Where did you find a rite aid at in Orlando!?!?

  4. Cinnie says:

    Giiiiirl, you don’t know how much stuff I get for free or almost-free thanks to,,, and a few other amazing sites plus timing it when the supermarket has sales.

    Today I got a tube of toothpaste for 7 cents, pasta for 9 cents and sour cream for 29 cents. In all, I got $160 of groceries for $82.00 and won’t have to go shopping for a month.

    Work the sales and coupons, ladies! Don’t pay full price unless you have to!

    • Brittany says:

      You need to be on that show. You’re amazing!

      • Cinnie says:

        Haha no, if I were that good I’d have paid $8.20 for it all, not $82 (but that day shall come! Trust!)

        My best deal was a bottle of Tone body wash for free.

        Next, I will try to get such a good deal that I MAKE money! Mwah!

  5. Extreme couponers has everyone out there couponing lol I LOVE a deal or sale so I am def going to sign up asap (=

  6. Michele says:

    After watching that Extreme Couponing show, I need to get down with the program!!

  7. Parris Adams says:

    Yes, is the TRUTH!! Also if you go to they have coupons also to use in their store. So if you have a MFG coupon PLUS a Target one you save even more! And that was very kind of you to donate that to women in need. God bless you!

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