Amor de Lacquer: e.l.f. $5 nail polish set

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You knew it was coming, didn’t you? I’ve reviewed so many other products from e.l.f. that it only makes sense that I review their polishes. You know, with me being obsessed with nail polish and all. This 5-piece nail set costs all of $5. Well, helllloooo there!



Sunset probably has the most duochrome finish out of all of the polishes in this set. It reminds me of a medium pink with just a touch of coral and silver shimmer.


I looooove this shade. Then again, I’ve always been a lover of cream polishes. This kid applied beautifully. It’s a little a little warmer than a magenta and it makes for a favorite pedicure color.

Punk Purple

This is the craziest name ever considering there isn’t a lick of purple in this polish. HA! It’s absolutely gorgeous. How vibrant and beautiful is it?


Although it photographs a little wonky, it really is pink. A reddish pink, but a pink nonetheless.


The name of this polish rubbed off so the gook that is me named her myself. This is the result of an orange and and strawberry having a kid. Otrawberry. Or Strawberange. I LOVE this one.

As mentioned, these lovely ladies come in a 5-piece set. This set is the “Brights” and you can also snag a Neutrals and Hot set. And of course, you can always snag individual polishes for $1 each. Keep in mind that the polishes in the 5-piece set are mini sizes.

Which doesn’t bother me at all but I know some of you bottle snobs out there may want the standard size bottles. 😉 Either way, you’ll love ’em. A few of the brushes on my polishes were a little wonky but I was surprised at how well the formula was. I only used 2 coats for each polish and got good wear time on them. As if I NEED to be obsessed with another brand of polish.

At least I can buy these without going into debt. Thank you, e.l.f. Yet ANOTHER reason why you rock. You can get e.l.f. from or your  neighborhood Target store.

Have you snagged any hot polishes from e.l.f.?



  • muffin

    not all of these particular colors are available individually… and your straworange mini color looks a bit like elf’s mango madness… i have about half of their collection now, workin on the rest lol oh and not all their polish sets are mini, just some… also… i don’t think you got the right set lol the one i got (which is the one you said you got) had 3 purples in it… but then since they don’t name the colors in that pack maybe it’s whatever they have?

    • Brittany

      Thanks for lettin’ me know, muffin!

  • Loving e.l.f right now, and I’m always up for a cheap polish! As long as it’s a nice one that is.. which these seem to be :) I have been wanting to get Mango Madness.

    • Brittany

      Cheap polishes are often some of the best. Woot!

  • For me the best seems pink one. But, i never seen this brand of polishes :O

    • Brittany

      I’m almost positive that you can get e.l.f. in the UK. Hmm…I’ll double check for you.

  • gio

    What a nice set! These are just the kind of nail polishes shades I love and the price is so cheap!

    • Brittany

      Gorgeous shades, uh? And nope…you definitely can’t beat the price.

  • I just got one of their 5 piece sets for Easter, but the bottles are shaped differently. I love their polishes, though some of mine are rather sheer.

  • I think the bottle size is adorable ^^ Love the colors!

  • Juice is a great summer color!

  • kia
  • kia

    oh! i guess you did! just scanned thru the comments 😉

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