Kiss My Face Olive & Aloe Soap. But it’s not purty.

I’m a total Kiss My Face fan but I’m on the fence about this soap.

It has a grassy/plant-y smell and the color of the bar isn’t all that attractive. The saving grace of this soap, however, is how good it makes my skin feel. And it contains so few ingredients that you don’t have to worry about your skin flaring up. The aloe is soothing and the olive oil is moisturizing. They are available in several fragrances (Olive & Honey, Olive & Tea Tree, Olive & Lavender, etc) and you can snag 4 bars for under $5.99.

Still. There’s something about the color of the bar that makes me unhappy. Am I exaggerating? Whatcha think?


  • I currently use the Olive and Tea Tree. I also bought the Olive and Aloe…Lol…the color is a little weird but I too like the smooth feeling it gives my skin so with that, I can overlook the color. Just close your eyes when your using it, lol.

    • Brittany

      LOL, that’s exactly what I’ve been doing.

  • KDJ

    Its so funny that you should have this post today.I just finished my last bar of Kiss My Face lavender soap and the color is pretty gross looking,but it gets worse,because when it starts to dissolve it looks like a plop of poo.I too love what they do for the skin but ….ewwww

    • Brittany

      Riiiight, it’s like…come on Kiss My Face. I know you’re prettier than this. But at least it works!

  • It’s definitely not very pretty, but I’ve seen worse! The ugliest are the ones that are poo brown and also have gritty bits in them… Not nice to look at. I think if it works though, I’ll use it anyway. Lol at closing your eyes in the shower so as not to look at it! That’s totally something I would have done.. before I had kids :p Now nothing grosses me out!

    • Brittany