Mascara Monday: NYX Fly With Me mascara

For Spring 2011, one of my favorite brands has released a new mascara. Let’s get a closer look and see if it’s worth your $13.

Price: $13
Packaging (brush wand): 5 out of 5
Overall: 2 out of 5

What It Claims:

The Truth: The wand’s awesomeness is deceiving.

What I Loved About It: The wand is super cool.

What I Didn’t Like: It just didn’t…do anything.

Overall: I feel REALLY bad about not liking this mascara because I am huge fan of NYX Cosmetics. Their lippies, polishes and palettes are not only affordable but are great. This mascara, however, is not. The wand makes for easy application but the formula is just the pits. The first coat went on flawlessly and I got a little excited.

But the second coat made me want to cry. While the wand allowed to me really get into those lashes, the formula lumped them together. So what should be 100 lashes, ended up being 50…or 48. That’s no bueno. And I did get SOME length. But if it claimed to give me more “extra volume”, that’s what I want yo.

On a good side, the formula is long-lasting and I didn’t notice any flaking throughout the day. But still…I wanted more lashes, NYX. Not less.

Bare Lashes

Lashes with 2 Coats of mascara

Do I recommend it?: Nope, this isn’t one of NYX’s heavy hitters.

I was a little disappointed about this one but the good news is NYX has released another mascara for Spring 2011. Hopefully that one will be better. If the meantime, if you wanna try this baby, head over to your neighborhood Ulta or NYX Cosmetics boutique. You can also order from their website or

Have you tried this mascara yet? Whatcha think?

  • SI

    maybe this is one of those where it gets better after a couple of uses. I find that’s my case with most mascaras.

    • SI

      Ps. The brush does look pretty awesome! LOL

    • Brittany

      Right you are. After a week it still was pretty crappy. That makes me sad b/c the wand is awesome!

  • victoria

    I give them credit for designing an interesting wand.

    But for less money, just grab Loreal Voluminous or Telescopic Explosion and get better pigmentation, volume and length!

  • Cinnie

    I’m interested in your opinion… I never need 2nd coats because I get the length and volume I’m looking for with one, no matter the mascara. I think it’s because I just keep working the wand until I feel I’m done.

    Am I supposed to just put some on, then stop to let it dry, and use it again? I’ve tried a 2-coat method on occasion, usually after hearing a blogger like yourself discuss it, and it always ends up making a wrong turn into Clumpsville.

    That’s why I stick to the one coat, and why I prefer looser/wetter textures over thicker/drier ones– gives me time to work it and work it, then use the lash comb to make sure it’s perfect.

    Is that wrong?

    • Brittany

      Hey Cinnie,
      I think that the best route is to apply a second coat while your first is still slightly wet. If you wait until it dries up completely it may result in flakes. Booo.

      • Cinnie

        Hm I will try that! Thanks! <3

      • Hazel Lyn

        Actually, you should go and do a second coat fast because if you go and leave the first coat to dry up it will not result in flakes but clumps. And heaps of it, in fact.