• I saw this post and did Silent Sunday too (awesome idea!), posted a pic of my random makeup and my kids toys all mixed up in it.. idea being that although my life gets cluttered with my beauty stuff, my kids are always present in everything. Obviously it was a little too subtle, got a comment from one of the participators saying “Cleaned out your handbag..?” :'( It kinda made me feel bad so I just put a different picture up…

    /end rant

    I will definitely still be participating though, love the concept :)

    • BTW I love your photo, the asphalt and people in the background really contrast the sunnies.. kinda makes me think “seeing the world through B’s eyes” :)

      • Brittany

        Thankies! It’s one of my favorite pictures. Totally random. I was sitting on a curb while my boyfriend was in this looooong line at an ATM. I decided to sit down and make a photoshoot. LOL!

    • Brittany

      I’ll check out your Silent Sunday. I thought it was a fantastic idea. I’ll be doing it every week now. And don’t let anyone make you feel bad about YOUR pictures. I say put that one up next week. :)

  • Haha thanks :) Can’t wait to see yours next week!