Sista Show-Off: The Beauty Xchange

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Check out my blogger and friend Gig who blogs over at The Beauty Xchange. She’s a shoe lovin’ super mom with a passion for beauty, fashion and everything in between.

I’m originally from Brooklyn, NY – Holla! LOL raised in New Jersey and for the past four years North Carolina has been my home. I’m obsessed with beauty particularly haircare so much so that one day I would love to own and operate my own hair salon. I love hair products and am a certified product junkie enthusiast. My weakness is deep conditioning treatments. I sometimes apply 3 different kinds to my hair but I digress. I started the Beautyxchange July of last year after saying to myself – “self you love beauty and love interacting with people, why not combine the two” and there you have it – the Beautyxchange was born. :) I hope to start another blog more geared towards ladies that are also moms like myself that are juggling motherhood, career, and life in general – so stay tuned for that in the near future. In the meantime, check out this post specifically for those moms out there.


Gigi, my girl…you rock! Follow Gigi’s blog here.

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  • Go, Gigi!! a fellow BK’er…Hollarz!! can’t wait to see more from her;)!

  • I will be checking out her blog :)

    • Awesome to see other mamas like myself that are into beauty 😉

  • This is brilliant! I love looking into new blogs and this is quite dope!!

    Love from the UK!

    Steevie xxx

  • I looooove Gigi!! YAY for the feature