EcoTools, you so fine, you blow my mind…

Did we need another reason to love EcoTools? Not really. But I am absolutely loving the re-design of the new brush sets. Designed by environmentalist and activist, Alicia Silverstone, six newly designed EcoTools sets hit the scene last month. The bags are made from natural hemp, recycled PET, non-toxic ink, and tree-free paper. And the 6-piece brush set is my absolute favorite!

Trust me when I say this is THEE perfect cosmetic bag for traveling. Each brush has their own slot. I also toss my liners in that compartment. And when you open ‘er up…

Lots and lots of space for blushes, eye shadows, concealers, primers, jewelry and hair accessories. You can snag the bag for a smooth $14.99 anywhere EcoTools are sold. I find the most selection at Walgreens?

Think you’ll be pickin’ this bag up?


  • I love ecotools! I definitely will have to look out for these…the brushes are soooo soft. Sometimes you can get them for a B1G1 free deal at Wal-greens. 😉

    • Brittany

      I never see those deals at my Walgreens. :(

  • Christina

    I believe the case itself is considered part of the set, therefore that would be the sixth piece. You are probably not missing a brush =)

    • Brittany


  • McKenna

    Cuuute! 😀 I love EcoTools brushes, and it feels good to know I’m helping the environment. That bag is just adorable.

  • Sandy

    I love Ecotools! I haven’t seen the new sets, but I love the bag! And eh the 6th piece is the bag :( But I love any extra makeup bags! My local Walgreens doesn’t have a good selection, but I have seen BOGO free at Rite Aid sometimes…that’s when I stock up :)

    • Brittany

      BOGO!! I sooooo wish we had a Rite Aid in Florida!

  • I want that bag!! I need something exactly like that.. and eco friendly too? I’m on it.

    • Brittany

      And super affordable!

  • auroragyps

    I’m pretty sure they count the bag as the 6th piece of the set. Kind of lame.

    • Brittany

      Right you are.

  • Janda

    THIS IS AWESOME…btw: I believe the 6th piece is the bag it came in :) I could be wrong tho

    • Brittany

      Nope, you’re right…I’m just slow. HA!

  • EcoTools is fab! I need to hit up the local pharmacy and nab one of these! hmmmm!!

    • Brittany

      Oooh yeahhhh.