Make Up For Ever’s Uplight Face Luminizer Gel

Have y’all seen these yet? I saw the press release for ’em and couldn’t wait to give them a try. I love all things face glowin’ so this kid is right up my alley. Is it worth the $29 price tag though?

According to Sephora these lumizer gels are intended to highlight the face for an ultra-natural glow. It has an oil-free formula and they come in 8 shades. I’m test drivin’ #23 which is described as a sparkly golden copper. The finishes range from dewy, pearly and sparkling. Pearly may be a little too cool for my skin complexion so dewy and sparkling are up my alley.

If you’re familiar with the Make Up For Ever’s HD Micofinish Blushes, the packaging for the Uplight gel look just like those. The formula is different though. These have a bit more of a watery consisency to them.

A little goes a long way.

Meaning if you overpump, you’re left with a whole bunch on your fingertips. I find using the fingers the easiest way to apply.

Nice subtle shimmer, uh? How does it compare to other bronzers and highlighters? It lasts A LOT longer. I don’t think it’s a necessity for the everyday makeup wearer but for makeup artists and for those of us who like having super cool makeup products, this is a MUFE must-have.

Whatcha think? Will you be scooping up any Uplift? I think I want to grab a few more!


  • Wow! That looks amazing on you! I too love all things shimmery, so I’ll definitely be checking this out. :)

    • Brittany

      If you try it, let us know what you think!

  • Amija

    I like! Reminds me of Nars Orgasm which I love but it doesn’t last!

    • Brittany

      This kid has more POW than NARS Orgasm…which I love too 😉

  • Shi

    I actually waited FOREVER to try these since reading about them in December 2010. Needless to say I was super excited when I found out last month that Sephora had them in stock! I went to swatch them and was a little intimidated by the finishes of some of them (as you said, a little bit really does go an extremely long way). Since the product is so concentrated, I do think a $29 pricetag is justifiable. I think I’ll be picking up this shade you swatched!

    P.S. Did you get an opportunity to try shade 31? I thought it would’ve made a nice blush or something but even after removing the swatch with make up remover, I found it stained my skin a pinkish red. Intense!

    • Brittany

      Yep, it’s all about using a liberal amount. While the price is steep, because you’re going to use such a small amont each use, I’m thinking a bottle can last an entire year. Yep! I haven’t tried 31 yet but now that you’ve mentioned it, I think I’m going to give it a whirl.

  • That’s actually a pretty good price for something that you only need to use very little of. I have been looking for a good illuminizer, so I might go and check these out :)